Nintendo Switch 2 – The Release Date for the Nintendo Switch 2

Currently, Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch Pro could be what we would be seeing in the near future? Perhaps. Several speculations have continued to be on the rise regarding the follow-up on Nintendo’s wildly successful hybrid console. But as of now, no extra details have been revealed yet. After the release of the portable-focused and more affordable Nintendo Switch lite in the year 2019, rumors of a more premium Switch console – a Nintendo Switch Pro, if you will not make the payment, go away.

Nintendo Switch 2

The hardware that is upgraded would offer improved graphics and processing power, and there have been a lot of reports that 2021 will be the year that the Nintendo Switch Pro will appear, even if the comment from Nintendo itself has a much lesser promise. Nintendo has already stated that it is not worried about the new PS5 and the Xbox series X, and the sales of the Switch suggest that it does not have a lot to be concerned about at the moment.

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

However, Microsoft’s foray into the handheld market with the mobile cloud gaming that is on Game pass has the potential to piss of Nintendo’s and launch the digital-only devices like the Xbox series S and the disc-free PS5, could prompt Nintendo to signal that it’s got something new and future-focused in the works.

A wall Street Journal came up with the suggestion that, in addition to these new devices, there happens to be a premium Nintendo Switch console on the way: potentially a Nintendo Switch Pro or the Nintendo Switch 2. Several reports have been made, and one of the most notable ones that we receive from Bloomberg is that 2021 would actually be the year a Nintendo Switch Pro would be announced.

However, the comments received from the Nintendo Switch America Doug Bowser have made us feel less optimistic. According to Bowser, Nintendo is always looking for what is coming in other to determine: how it can enhance and further improve the gameplay and its experience. It does not really matter the platform, we are still looking forward to that.

Nintendo Switch 2 Price

Best on the redesigns with the much-improved hardware doubly so, we’re fully expecting the Nintendo Switch 2 (or Switch Pro), with its hardware that is updated, to cost more than the current Switch’s £279 / $299 / AU$469 pricing.

In addition, the Switch Lite is not exactly cheap. The handheld Switch cost about $199.99 /£199.99 / AU$329.95, which is not far off the original price and that is with much fewer features than that of the original.

Dr Toto also suggested that the price tag would be $399, which seems a good estimate. After all, the PS4 Pro was $100 more than the regular PS4. The price mark up is taking into account the much-improved hardware without having to no be prohibitive.  Well, we would not be surprised to see a Nintendo Switch, or the switch pro cost more than that.

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