Nintendo Announces the Release Year for Its Next Gaming System

Nintendo announces the release year for its next gaming system. The Nintendo switch as you should know is not even up to a month old, but the company already has plans for the successor to its popular console and hybrid handheld.

Nintendo Announces the Release Year for Its Next Gaming System

Nintendo Announces the Release Year for Its Next Gaming System

In a show to financial backers (investors), Nintendo hints toward a portion of its arrangements in an incredibly vague manner. The organization plans to “keep on growing its business around the central idea of making interesting hardware-software products,” which I’m interpreting as meaning that the organization will (prepare yourself) make more computer games and computer game equipment later on.

On the slide, which you can see with your own eyes on page 41 here (PDF), Nintendo likewise has a timetable of a portion of its equipment endeavors and explicitly incorporates its “next gaming framework” scheduled to deliver at an unclear 20XX date. (So at some point between now and 2099, I think.)

There are no clues concerning what the equipment (hardware) may resemble, on the off chance that it will be another crossbreed like the Switch, or even simply one more modification of the Switch. The main picture Nintendo incorporates is a question mark.

Expected Improvements in Nintendo’s New Gaming System

While I love the OLED Switch, there are some conspicuous ways new Nintendo equipment could refine it, with maybe the clearest redesign being the capacity to play 4K resolution games. Bloomberg revealed a Switch that could do that was being developed for a possible release this year. However, the official OLED Switch doesn’t support 4K games.

Only days before the dispatch/release of the OLED Switch, Bloomberg detailed again that Nintendo was fostering a 4K-fit Switch and said it very well may be delivered as right on time as of late 2022, however, Nintendo completely rejected that report. In case there was an element I’d bet on for Nintendo’s next console, however, it would be 4K.

Other Areas Nintendo is Investing on

The company is not just investing in hardware. The company however is committed to value-added services for accounts on the platform. and we are already seeing a glimpse of that with the newly released Nintendo switch online + expansion pack which is a more expensive version of its already paid online membership service that adds Sega genesis games, Nintendo 64 games, and also access the new animal crossing: new horizons DLC.

What the Company Has To Say About Its Next Gaming System and Future of the Company

Nintendo has expressed that it will “continue to improve and expand” the expansion pack and the Nintendo switch online. The company however does not give many details on how this will be done, but one thing users should look forward to is game boy games which are rumored to join the online offerings by Nintendo at some point in time.

In exemplary Nintendo style, the organization is keeping its cards close, and it typically doesn’t uncover equipment, administrations, or games until it can give some substantial details regarding them. (However, I’m actually hanging tight for much else about Metroid Prime 4 since its reboot was declared almost three years prior.)

Yet it’s amusing to envision what may be in the container, particularly since the company has suggested future equipment underway. I can hardly wait for 20XX.


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