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The Nile Basin is the second-largest hydrographic basin in Africa. It is the part of Africa drained by the Nile River and its tributaries.

Nile Media Awards

The drainage area of the basin covers Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, and Burundi.

Nile Media Awards 2023

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is an intergovernmental partnership of 10 Nile Basin countries listed above. This platform was established on February 22nd, 1999, to provide a forum for sustainable management and development of the shared Nile Basin water and related resources for win-win benefit.

Journalists are invited to apply for the Nile Media Awards. They are to submit original pieces of their work that promotes Cooperation in Trans-boundary Waters in the Nile Basin.

The following topics are to be harnessed;

  • Countries collaborating to address challenges like climate change
  • Maximizing socio-economic benefit
  • Minimizing risks and costs of development projects
  • Promoting peace and security through cooperative management using the shared Nile Basin water resources.
  • Journalists are also encouraged to explore the benefit of the Nile Basin cooperation in different sectors;
  • Food
  • Water and energy
  • Climate adaptation
  • Ecosystem
  • Governance and management of water resources
  • Regional investment programs and so on.

More importantly, the award committee particularly welcomes submissions with a strong focus on the human impact of cooperation in the Nile Basin

Categories for Entry

The entry categories include:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Photography
  • Digital categories

The judges will select the best female entry and a collaborative story here.


All practicing journalists and freelancers in the mainstream media and multimedia outlets from the Nile Basin countries can participate.

The entries to be submitted should already have been published in publications in the 10 NBI Member States as listed above between December 2020 and August 22, 2023.


Entry submission closes on August 22, 2023

The award ceremony will be held with the 6th Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The NBI will convene this event in collaboration with its Member States and in partnership with development partners.

How to Apply


Enter your basic information

All the information needed should be provided; television entries or digital news publications or photograph entries

Then add a caption for your photographic work

Upload a recommendation from a media house

Click submit


Is it open to all journalists around the world?

No, journalists within the Nile Basin countries are eligible to participate.

Can I upload any of my work?

No, you can only upload the works that have already been published in the NBI Publication for December 2020 to August 2023.

Can I upload it to all categories?

Yes, if they are relevant to the aforementioned topics of interest and also if they have been published in the NBI Publication. Good luck!

For more information visit Nile Media Awards

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