NFT Artists on Demand – Top 10 Trending NFT Artists in the World

What are the NFT Artists on Demand? The business and industry of NFTs is a booming one at the moment.

NFT Artists on Demand

It is in fact a million-dollar business currently with almost every individual from grimes to Damien Hirst getting on the lucrative act. But there are some artists that have made the business to be what it is today.

NFT Artists on Demand

With the industry’s continuing growth it is sometimes hard to know the artist worth paying attention to and who will stick around and for what reason. NFTs are continuing to enjoy a spike in popularity with most experts in the business terming them the hottest art commodity presently.

NFTs known as non-fungible tokens are artworks that are created on the Blockchain with unique codes that are encrypted and that can be confirmed for ownership and authenticity. An NNFT may range from a piece of art to a whole album.

Top 10 Trending NFT Artists in the World

Everyone currently is jumping on the NFT bandwagon. And with the growth of the industry, it can be difficult to choose between artists worth paying attention to. For that reason alone I have made up a list of the top ten most in-demand NFT artists of today.


18-year-old pop-surrealist and digital craftsman Fewocious. He has sold more than 3,103 NFT pieces at $5,812 each. Fewocious is additionally driving an NFT Renaissance and has in excess of 50,000 active followers across Twitter and Instagram. Talk about a young fellow overwhelming the crypto world!

His most elevated selling piece “The Everlasting Beautiful” shows a face of a lady with a hand on her cheek. Its elements are planned distinctively with a delightful mix of monochromatic portions and flies of tones.

Also, the foundation has love and magnificence-related articulations and mirrors a 20-second video that says to the watcher, “Just tell me I’m pretty.” Fewocious’ magnum opus accompanies a 30 x 30-inch material, a gloss varnish, and oil paint.

Mad Dog Jones

Mad Dog Jones is known for a receptive, dreamlike, and dynamic crypto work of art style. His work chiefly incorporates canvases, which transform into a computerized scene through aggregation and shading. Altogether, he sold around 1,567 pieces, averaging at $9,063 per deal.

Jones’ most popular craftsmanship is called ‘boardwalk,’ and it includes a 43-minute video of a hand-drawn scene of a city. He sold it on February 21, 2021, for an unbelievable $388,888.


Mike Winkelmann, who goes by Beeple, is no question the top-selling NFT craftsman. Before the end of March, he had made 845 NFT deals for more than $133,544,000. Among these works of art was an arrangement picture named ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ that sold at an extraordinary $69,346,250. Aside from that, Mike Winkelmann is famous for NFTs like ‘crossroad’ and OceanFront,’ which sold for $6.6 million and $6 million, individually. He additionally drops advanced fine arts on his Instagram account day by day, alongside his ‘Everydays’ series.


In spite of his anonymity, he has created computerized craftsmanships for many years. The craftsman has likewise been perceived by the eminent Elon Musk and has sold 1,691 works averaging $9,354 per work.

Pak’s most elevated selling 12-second video work of art is the “Metarift.” It portrays a six-sphered structure that goes inverse to one another. Metarift sold for $900,072 and the craftsman additionally banded together with Sotheby for a worldwide NFT auction.


Mike Parisela, who goes by the craftsman name Slimesunday, is a mysterious montage NFT maker in Boston, MA. His work intends to push the limits of proper mainstream media craftsmanship by investigating erotic and bizarre themes.

You’ll discover some of it in Playboy, Penthouse, Hunger, and Glamor Magazine. Slimesunday has made a sum of 6,508 crafts and artworks, selling for $11,734,586.58. His top merchant is named ‘Gunky’s Uprising,’ worth $1,333,333.

Trevor Jones

Intrigued by the incorporation of workmanship and tech, Trevor Jones’ craftsmanship incorporates expanded reality, NFC labels, and QR codes. Also in the wake of buying his first Bitcoin, Jones began entwining his pieces with cryptocurrency subjects.

At this point, Trevor Jones has sold 5,284 NFTs, worth about $18,591,000. His best deal is ‘Genesis,’ selling for $604,967. One more of Jones’ most elevated selling pieces is ‘The Bitcoin Angel,’ sold for $188,880.

Blake Kathryn

This artist is based in Los Angeles and is a visual artist. She balances her work between commercial and conceptual realms hovering across a series of industries such as tech, fashion, and music. She is an incredible person in regards to the community and she also lets her fans in on her work creation process on twitch. She’s also passionate about equality topics, social justice and most often highlights artists who have not had the experience of exposure.


Crypto art giant Hakatao came to the best NFT craftsmen list with 1,504 fine art deals, worth around $12,487,200. Her pieces generally think about critical issues like society, the climate, and crypto. They additionally include craftsmanship history, imagery, and mental references.

Hakatao’s best NFT deal, ‘Kim Jong Un-“Dead And Alive” Edition,’ went for $321,967. You’ll track down her specialty in different high-evaluated NFT stages, including SuperRare and Nifty Gateway.

Giant Swan

Goliath Swan, who goes by the real name Travis Van Zanen is a 33-year old Australian digital asset hailing from Melbourne. He has practical experience in making his work of art through his augmented reality headset and the aftereffects of this are totally flawless and exciting dreamscapes. He wound up having to launch his own craft vocation because of the way that he was battling with getting openness.

This absence of openness is for the most part because of the way that most workmanship exhibitions don’t have VR offices to show this sort of craftsmanship. Regardless of this, he drove forward and kept making works of art.

John Orion Young (JOY)

John Orion Young is a 35-year old computerized craftsman that hails from Portland, Oregon that has been becoming well known in the industry of NFTs. He has been making that name for himself through his production of JOYs. What are JOYs?

They are truly ostentatious virtual dolls that can either make you blissful with their silly appearance or panic you with precisely the same thing. He started dealing with VR art back in 2017 and in the end prompted him to make NFTs in a bid to bring in cash, which at last prompted JOYs as they are today.


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