Nandi Premium Pet Treats – Nandi Premium Pet Treats Proteins and Range

When it comes to our pets, treating and taking care of them can seem to be tedious. Like sometimes we get torn and confused about what to feed them. And when we even know what to give to them, in regards to ratio and every other thing that comes in between we are lost and this is where Nandi premium pet treats come in.

Nandi Premium Pet Treats

Nandi Premium Pet Treats

With Nandi premium pet treats, your pet gets that premium treatment in terms of diet and health that it deserves. In the Zulu language, the word “Nandi” means delicious. If you, therefore, have a pet, I recommend that you start giving them Nandi special premium treats.

Under the Nandi brand, Nandi pet’s Inc. is the exclusive and sole importer and also the distributor of free-range premium pet treats all manufactured by Maneli pets.

Why You Should Try Nandi Premium Pet Treats

There are lots of reasons why you should try out Nandi products. Reading this post is proof enough that you have got a pet or more than one and that’s a start on why you should try out Nandi products with respect to your pets.

This company offers sustainability and its products are ethically sourced. Behind the company, Nandi is a team of social entrepreneurs and a set of animal-loving people. The proteins used in the production of Nandi products are only sourced from farmers who share the same beliefs and values of the company and also who follow the peak of standards in terms of food safety ethics and quality.

Their products also are made from uniquely African proteins such as warthog, venison, and ostrich as well as renowned traditional proteins like the Nguni beef which is a cattle breed that is indigenous to Africa.

Nandi offers products that are 100% nutritious and natural. Proteins used by the company are free from routine antibiotics and hormones. They also do not contain artificial preservatives, unnatural fillers, and added grains. Nandi premium pet treats are very healthy, nutritious, and natural.

Nandi Premium Pet Treats Proteins

I have already given out lots of details in regards to proteins offered by this company and their products. But in this segment, however, I will be giving a more detailed look into the proteins offered by Nandi products. Proteins contained in their products normally are uniquely African and they include the;

  • Bushveld venison
  • Cape fish
  • Kalahari lamb
  • Karoo ostrich
  • Nguni beef
  • Plaas pork
  • Savannah rabbit
  • Wild warthog
  • Zulu chicken

These are the variety of species from which the proteins of Nandi are being sourced. So now you have an insight into what you are buying and giving to your pet.

Nandi Premium Pet Treats Range

Nandi premium pet treats range which will surely be a delight to your pets include;

Freeze-Dried Meat

This product range is ideal for dogs that are prone to allergies. It is a nutrient-rich product with intense natural flavor and has a single ingredient.

Jerky Stripes

Also known as anytime snacks, it contains 100% natural ingredients with no grains, fillers or gluten. They contain high protein and low fat and they are also rooibos infused (natural antioxidant).


They can also be referred to as functional treats and they are very helpful in eliminating bad breath and in the process improving dental health. They are 100% natural and made of a single ingredient. They are no artificial ingredients or preservatives contained in them.


Also known as boredom busters are a perfect fit for your dogs when you are out and about or just when they need to be kept busy and entertained. And of course, they are 100% natural with long-lasting chew time. They contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives and they also promote dental health.

How to Shop For Nandi Premium Pet Treat Products

Shopping for Nandi pet products is easy but only if you know how to. To do this, go to Nandi’s online shop page here. On this page, you can use the filter option to get exactly what you want to shop for. Whether you’re getting a product for your cat or dog, there is a fit for you. The platform accepts a wide range of cards such as visas and MasterCard for checkout options.


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