New Jersey EBT Card Guide: Get to Know More About the New Jersey Families First Card

“New Jersey EBT Card Guide”. The EBT card (electronic benefits transfer) is a plastic card that looks like a credit or debit card. It is used to give out public assistance benefits. The New Jersey EBT card is also popularly known as New Jersey Families First card and is used for distributing benefits such as SNAP benefits (food stamps) and cash assistance.

Once you are eligible for the food stamps or any of the programs the EBT card has to offer, you will receive your benefits each month on an EBT card of New Jersey. Your benefits will be deposited onto your EBT, after which you can begin using them through your EBT card to purchase eligible food items.

New Jersey EBT Card Guide

You can use the EBT card in most of the groceries stores, convenience stores, and participating farmer’s markets. It’s amazing as you can now use your EBT card to shop for food items online. So, if you are interested to make online shopping, you can check with your local stores about online SNAP availability.

Each month that you a still certified, the SNAP benefit will be deposited into your account. Please take note that you cannot give your benefits to another person or you definitely cannot sell the items you purchased with your SNAP benefits, so as to avoid getting in trouble with the authority.

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Eligibility for the New Jersey EBT Card

For you to be eligible for the New Jersey EBT card there are some criteria you need to meet;

  • Make sure to have a current bank balance both savings and checking combined under $3,001 or
  • You must have a current bank balance both savings and checking combined under $2,001 who share their household with one of the following persons;
  • A person with a disability (a parent, a child, your spouse, or yourself) or
  • A person age 60 and above.

How to Renew Your EBT Card (Food Stamps)

Wondering how to renew your EBT card, worry no more you are at the right place. Firstly, you will have to renew your food stamps before your certification period ends. That is, you need to renew your EBT card before the deadline for your food stamps. For most New Jersey households, the certification period is usually between 6 – 12 months period.

You can confirm your certification period with your caseworker. A letter will be sent to you via your mail when it’s time to reapply. To be safe, better to save it in your calendar. To find easier ways to renew your EBT card, it will be better to place a call to your caseworker, local office, or better still the New Jersey SNAP hotline: 1-800-687-9512.

Things You Can Get With Your new Jersey EBT Card Benefit

Below are the eligible things you can get with your EBT card benefit;

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Milk and cheese
  • Plants and seeds that produce food
  • Beans, fish, poultry, meat
  • Cereal, bread, tortillas, and rice.

Things You Cannot Buy With Your EBT Card

Below are the items you are not permitted to get with the EBT card benefits

  • Hot or prepared food for instant consumption
  • Non-food items such as soap, diapers, toilet paper, pet food, etc.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco
  • Medicine and vitamins.

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