New Apple Rumors Points to an OLED iPad Pro Coming In 2024

New apple rumors points to an OLED iPad Pro coming in 2024 and in the process matching previous leaks.

New Apple Rumors Points to an OLED iPad Pro Coming In 2024

New Apple Rumors Points to an OLED iPad Pro Coming In 2024

It has been rumored for many years now that apple is thinking about switching its own iPad Pro tablets to OLED display technology, and now the latest report from the company says that the very first of these updated devices is due to be arriving in 2024.

This news is coming from ET News in South Korea via MacRumors which now claims that the development is now well underway on an iPad with an OLED screen. The display departments at LG and Samsung are apparently in line in providing the panels in question.

The iPad Pro Models Currently Features Mini-LED LCD Technology

The iPad Pro models currently feature mini-LED LCD technology and while this has a slightly higher ceiling in regards to maximum brightness in contrast with OLED, OLED cannot be beaten in terms of contrast and the deepness of its blacks.

And according to the report, the screen sizes of 11 inches and 12.9 inches in question are going to be the same as Apple reportedly makes the switch, so in terms of the dimensions and the form factors of the iPad Pro there will not be any know difference.

The Reason for the Change

Apple has reportedly used the OLED technology on its phones for many years now, but it is however more difficult and more costly to produce the panels in bigger sizes. So with that being said, keep an eye on any variation in price when it comes to the 2024 iPad Pros.

The Launch Date Of An iPad Pro

Leaks prior to this have also put the launch date of an iPad Pro at some point in 2024, so this directly matches up with that. OLED technology, at the moment, is also being worked on for the MacBook Line of apple according to the report, with the switch scheduled for 2026.


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