Netflix is Giving Away a Fantastic Adventure Game for Free

Netflix has announced that it is Giving Away a Fantastic Adventure Game for Free. The beloved indie Adventure game Oxenfree is now available via Netflix, as the streaming platform fledges spreads its gaming wind.

Netflix is Giving Away a Fantastic Adventure Game for Free

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Netflix Fantastic Adventure Game for Free

One of the best indie games available right now is the mystery thriller which is now available for free to download for all Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android. You can also find the oxenfree: Netflix Edition in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Originally launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016, oxenfree is a supernatural thriller in which the thriller follows a group of teenagers as they get to explore a mysterious island. Gradually, you would get to unravel its secrets and weird ghostly happenings via a coming-of-age story that shares more than a few similarities with the Famous Netflix Show Stranger Things.

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Going Gaming

As stated by Oxenfree lead writer Adam Hines in a press releases, he stated that “You play as Alex, a 16-year-old being introduced to her new stepbrother, and while meeting up with some friends on a remote beach you accidentally open a rift through time, unleashing spirits who threaten your very existence,”

The game’s gameplay focuses on exploration and conversation, as you get to juggle dealing with the supernatural and the personal relationships within your High school clique.

Oxenfree happens to be the only latest standout indie game to make it way to Netflix. As of June, the streaming giant stated that the beloved tactical turn-based strategy game was in breach, and it brought shopkeeping action RPG Moonlighter to the Platform in May. Adding Oxenfree is quite surprising, given the fact that Netflix acquired the game’s developer, Night School Studios, in September of last year.

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Netflix to Introduce More Games

More games would be heading to Netflix in the future. As an acclaimed point-and-click adventure game, Kentucky Route Zero would be added along the line, alongside the original TV Spin-offs Narcos: Cartel Wars and Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales.

Over the past few months, Netflix has been trying to enter mobile games, even though they seem to be failing, and nobody is actually playing them.


Can I Play games on Netflix?

The entire list of the games is available on the Netflix website, and one of the easiest ways to get them is to download is via the App store or Play Store. Games that are owned by Netflix have a small “N” emblazoned on the top left corner of the App’s icon.

How to go on Netflix Games?

First, launch the Netflix App and then scroll down to the Netflix Games section. Scroll through games and then find one that you would like to play. Click on the game title and its Netflix games would launch.

Do Netflix Games Cost Extra?

The games on Netflix cost no extra fees. There are no in-app purchases. Netflix has given its users access to more than 25 exclusive mobile games. Which includes your Netflix membership.

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