MTN Reportedly Launches Chenosis in Cameroon

MTN reportedly launches Chenosis in Cameroon. Chenosis, a pan-African platform with a cross-industry marketplace for APIs “Application Programming interfaces,” has been formally launched by MTN Cameroon. It enables developers, entrepreneurs, and organizations to integrate into a growing collection of open APIs.

MTN Reportedly Launches Chenosis in Cameroon

MTN Reportedly Launches Chenosis in Cameroon

Access to a wide range of API products and services in the banking, entertainment, government, telecommunications, and health sectors is made possible by Chenosis.

This week, MTN introduced the platform to Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, to players in the country’s digital ecosystem. The platform is expected to grow into the largest library of open APIs in Africa.

‘Chenosis Offers a Range of Technological Choices’ The Telecom Provider Claims 

The telecom provider claims that Chenosis will offer a range of technological choices, enabling businesses to develop new apps with little to no code. “Making life simpler for industries, developers, and SMEs through our marketplace is our mission,” stated Yolanda Kope Mbalu, general manager of Chenosis’ go-to-market division.

The introduction of Chenosis, according to MTN Cameroon CEO Mitwa Ng’ambi, is a part of the company’s commitment to provide inclusive and digital solutions for Cameroon’s advancement.

Ng’ambi Urges Companies to Take Advantage of Chenosis’s Resources

Ng’ambi added, “We are convinced that digital innovation is an essential driver of the country’s economic growth and sustainable development.” She urged companies to take advantage of Chenosis’s resources to hasten their digital transition and boost output.

Ng’ambi continued, “I extend an invitation to all developers, small and medium-sized businesses, startups, multinational corporations, as well as government and international agencies, to embrace Chenosis and take advantage of its potential to create creative, straightforward, and usable solutions that will improve the lives of their users, clients, and staff.”



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