MTN Plans to Modernize Core Networks

After agreeing to a contract with Ericsson for the project, MTN South Africa and MTN Nigeria plans to modernize their core networks for the following five years. The project’s ultimate goal is to create a core network that is contemporary, flexible, and cloud-native.

MTN Plans to Modernize Core Networks

MTN Plans to Modernize Core Networks

The modernization will guarantee that the network infrastructure of the two operating units is prepared for “5G standalone,” or 5G SA, in which the network is entirely built using 5G technology. The “cloud-native, dual-mode” 5G core from Ericsson will power the updated core networks.

According to Ericsson, the collaboration with MTN Group is evidence of a common commitment to innovation and advancement. The vice president and head of MTN’s global customer unit as well as MTN Africa’s customer unit, Hossam Kandeel, states on behalf of Ericsson, “Our partnership with MTN Group is based on innovation and progress.”

By modernizing MTN Nigeria’s and MTN South Africa’s core networks, we are jointly influencing the direction of digital connectivity in Africa. As part of Ericsson’s #AfricaInMotion vision, we want to ensure technological growth and foster community in the digital era throughout the entire continent.

The Project Seeks to Improve Network Performance and Efficiency

Chief technical officer of MTN Group Mazen Mroué stated in a statement that the project, when finished, will improve network performance and efficiency.

“When completed, it will accelerate broadband penetration in alignment with the federal government’s broadband plan,” stated Mohammed Rufai, chief technical officer of MTN Nigeria. “This will allow our network infrastructure to support strong data growth and enable 5G standalone in the future,” stated Rami Farah, chief technology officer of MTN South Africa.

Building a “modern, agile, and cloud-native core network” to deliver new products and an enhanced customer experience is the project’s ultimate goal, according to MTN.



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