Motivational Podcasts 2022 – Best 5 Motivational Podcast 2022

It’s not really surprising if you need motivational podcasts this 2022, with the lots that happen every day combined with the pandemic, you sure will need one. We could all use a little motivation here and there. Sometimes those pick-me-ups are useful for providing us with the inspiration and direction we need to take that next step towards our goals.

Motivational Podcasts 2021

No matter what you need to get motivated to do, there’s a podcast that can help. From awesome cooking podcasts that will give you new tips and tricks, to cleaning podcasts that can give you the extra nudge to get organized while you declutter, and even podcasts that will inspire you to live your best life in general.

Motivational Podcasts 2022

Getting motivational podcasts 2022 is quite easy with the trend of podcasts on the block you sure will get what you are looking for. Getting motivated to try a new skill, finish a longstanding project, get a workout in (possibly a live-stream workout), clean the house, cook that new recipe, or even just do your job can be extremely challenging, especially for those of us who tend to procrastinate.

Some people (guilty as charged) use media like podcasts as one of those distraction tools. But here’s a life hack for you: Use your earbuds to inspire you to get your backside in gear, instead of giving you an excuse not to work on your to-do list.

Best 5 Motivational Podcast 2022

Below are some amazing picks for motivational podcasts that will surely give you the needed vibe;

Where should we begin

Iconic therapist Esther Perel hosts this real-talk podcast in which listeners get a front seat to anonymous couples’ counseling sessions. If your relationship needs a little work but you’ve been putting off having that tough talk, let Perel give you pointers on how to do it.


We all feel a little defeated at work sometimes, whether that work entails running your household or a Fortune 500 company. In this inspiring podcast, Rebecca Minkoff talks to women from all walks of life about what their real lives are like invulnerable, let’s-get-real conversations.

The Challengers With Amy Brenneman

Everyone has their own challenges, from substance abuse disorder to economic insecurity, issues with food or exercise, and the list goes on. In this uplifting podcast, Amy Brenneman sits down with friends, family, and experts to talk about the challenges that can turn into our greatest teachers and opportunities for growth.

Motherhood Sessions

Reproductive psychiatrist Dr. Alexandra Sacks sits down with real moms for those heart-wrenching conversations some of us can’t bring ourselves to have. Those include sex after childbirth, career struggles, and even uncertainty over being a mom, period. Let this podcast motivate you to address your own struggles if you hear yourself in these episodes.

Off the Gram

Join Woman’s Day content director Meaghan Murphy and her three powerhouse cohosts Jamie, Heidi, and Christine as they navigate wellness, self-care, and even how to deal with your sugar fixation. Listen in as they chat with designers, fitness trainers, girl bosses, and other women who can inspire you to live your yay, too.

Instead of beating yourself over it, why not take help from external sources to get motivated? You can get more motivational podcasts this 2022 here.



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