Boudoir Photography – Top Easy Boudoir Photography Poses

The name Boudoir photography is becoming very popular in the world. This type of photography requires a blend or mix of photography skills. It requires an element of fine art, glamour, and fashion too. Boudoir can be regarded as a niche of photography nowadays. This is because it speaks to the private lives of the everyday person.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

This article will give you a good understanding of Boudoir photography. Also, it is going to outline various tips for stunning Boudoir poses, light considerations, types of equipment to use, styles, and some other details you will need as a professional photographer who deals with Boudoir photography.

What is Boudoir Photography?

As I promised, this section will give a good and comprehensive definition of Boudoir photography. ‘Boudoir‘ is a French word that means a woman‘s private room for dressing. This place is an intimate place where she has all to herself. From the meaning of Boudoir, it is right to infer that Boudoir photography is intimate photography taken only by the female for her own personal reasons.

Although in the eye of your client, Boudoir could be fashion or glamour photography, it could be very different for the photographer. Boudoir is different. Most people who do it have not done it before. Boudoir shoots require photographers that have skillsets in both directing, posing, and communicating.

Now, let us talk about the best tips to take a Boudoir photography shoot.

Tips to Make Your Client Look Drop Dead Gorgeous On Her Boudoir Photo Shots

It is often difficult achieving such goals because Boudoir photoshoots are not done on a regular basis. Most of these clients will be doing it for the very first time of their lives. The tips I will be given below will help them feel comfortable enough to strike good poses and get the best looks from their pictures.

  • Get familiar with your client before the photoshoot
  • Try explaining each pose to her.
  • Change your perspective if the poses seem not to be coming out well.
  • Take a last glance before clicking the shutter

With these tips, your clients are going to be looking gorgeous in their Boudoir photoshoots.

Top Easy Boudoir Photography Poses

For suggestions, these poses are the best you can recommend to your clients for Boudoir Photoshoots.

  • Snap her from the back
  • Snap her lying on her back
  • A chest portrait

These three are the best Boudoir photography poses to give to your clients and they work 90% of the time.

Boudoir Photography Near me

It could be difficult sometimes to find Boudoir Photographers around you, but we found a resource that can help you do this easily. Here are a few steps to achieve that;

  • With the browser on your phone or your computer, go to
  • On the website‘s home page, you will encounter a form to fill in your present location‘s zip code
  • Fill in your location‘s zip code.
  • Click on ‘select a service‘, choose the type of service you would like (Boudoir Photography), and click on search.
  • The next page will reveal the Boudoir Photographers around you and their rates.

With this resource, you can pick any Boudoir Photographer of your choice for your photo session.

Boudoir Photography Plus Size

Boudoir Photography can also be taken by plus-size people. In fact, the whole Boudoir photography rules apply to plus-size people too. The poses below are additional Boudoir photography poses for plus-size people.

  • Arms up to reveal her shape
  • Full frontal picture while sitting on the bed
  • Laying on her back with crossed legs
  • Laying on the side
  • Sitting on the couch
  • Arching the back
  • A back shot, while she‘s looking at her shoulder
  • A shot in the top
  • Hands around the hips

These poses are very good for plus-size people. Also, you can also do boudoir photography of couples, or men. Boudoir photography showcases the confidence that you have in your looks and your body.


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