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Morneau Shepell is the name of a human resources service and technology company that has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This company was established in the year 1966. Morneau Shepell as a company serves over fifteen thousand (15 000) clients in North America. You may be interested to know that the company also has offices outside of North America. The company has offices in Brazil and Australia amongst other countries. You should know, Morneau Shepell is a publicly-traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MSI) with a market capitalization of over one billion dollars ($1 000 000 000).

Morneau Shepell

Morneau Shepell

The history of Morneau Shepell can be traced back to Frank Morneau. In 1996, Morneau Shepell founded W.F. Morneau and Associates as an actuarial and benefit consulting firm. Later on, the firm expanded to open its first United States office in 1987. In 1996, the firm launched its administrative outsourcing practice.

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The next year, W.F. Morneau and Associates merged with Sobeco to establish Morneau Sobeco. Now, Morneau Sobeco was led by Bill Morneau as the president and chief executive officer (CEO). Morneau Shepell as it is currently known was formed in May 2008 through the company acquisition of Shepell-fgi. At that time Shepell-fgi was Canada’s largest provider of employee health management and workspace training and education services.

Morneau Shepell Website

The Morneau Shepell as a company has an official website. This website can be accessed by almost anybody. As long as you have a device that can access the internet and an active data subscription, you are good to go. The web address or URL to visit the platform’s official website is Searching for this address on any web browser will take you to the platform’s official website.

Morneau Shepell Blog

In order to access the Morneau Shepell blog, you must first access the official website. If you have issues with accessing the website, read the above subheading. As explained there, it is very simple to access the platform official site. Now, in the blog section of this amazing website, there is a lot you can learn.

  • Head over to the platform’s official website. Note; you can do that by searching for the web address on your preferred web browser.
  • Locate amongst the menu options or at the top of the page the “Blog” option and click on it.

That’s it; in less than a minute, you would be taken to the blog section of the website. From there, you can pick any blog article you like and begin to read.

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Morneau Shepell Services

Morneau Shepell as a company is currently offering several services to those who are interested. The services are as of this time so much that there were grouped into categories. Below are the categories of the services the company is offering to users who are interested.

  • LifeWorks Well-being
  • Health & Productivity
  • Administrative Solutions
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Communication and Change Management
  • Asset & Risk Management

Now that you know the categories the services of the platform are grouped into, the next step would be to access the services. The steps below will help you to do so.

  • Go to the platform’s official website.
  • Next up, tap on the “Services” option at the top of the screen or amongst the menu options.
  • Select the service you are interested in.
  • Read through the page and follow the instructions, prompts and action buttons on the webpage.

There you have it; you just accessed the services of this amazing platform. Remember, it is free (you would not be asked to pay for anything whatsoever).

Morneau Shepell Careers

With the Morneau Shepell Careers webpage, there is a lot you can achieve. You can on this webpage search for career opportunities. It does not matter whether you are a graduate, an experienced professional or a qualified health practitioner looking for a partnership, Morneau Shepell has something for you.

  • Get your internet-connected device and seek the web address
  • Tap on the “Careers” option at the top of the page or from the menu options.

In less than a minute, depending on the internet speed of your device, you would be taken to the careers section of this amazing platform.

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