More Sony PlayStation PC Ports – Sony Acquires Nixxes

More Sony PlayStation PC Ports. In an age where Microsoft has committed to taking in all of its first-party Xbox exclusives to PC on day one, we’ve seen Sony follow suit somewhat. While Sony would be bringing its entire PlayStation lineup to PC, the company has decided to bring a select number of titles over so far. Sony has confirmed that the would-be bring more PC ports, and it is going t make use of a recent acquisition to make those PC ports a reality.

More Sony PlayStation PC Ports

More PC Ports Coming to Sony PlayStation

In an interview with Famitsu (which we’ve run via through Google translate), Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan stated that the company would be really pleased with the games that are in development at PlayStation Studios and that the Company would obviously plan to be delivering more exclusives for the PS5.

Sony Acquires Nixxes

“We are very happy with our efforts to offer our IP to PCs, although it remains in its infancy, and we look forward to working with Nixxes to help with that,” Ryan added. Sony acquired Nixxes at the start of this month, and it was an acquisition that happens to take a lot of people by surprise, in part because Nixxes has not been a very visible name in the gaming industry.

Well, one look at Nixxes’ development history was all one required to know what Sony’s motivation is for purchasing the studio. Since its inception in 1999, nixes has helped other developers especially Crystal Dynamics in porting its game to other platforms.

A lot of that work has been focused on bringing more games from the consoles to PC, making Nixxes a great studio for Sony to have in their portfolio if they want to bring more of their titles to PC. With this Famitsu interview, Sony possesses an essentially confirmed what all of us has theorized when news of the Nixxes acquisition broke.

Sony’s Next PC Port

At the moment, we have only seen the horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone to PC, but Ryan seems to confirm that more ports are on the way in this interview with Famitsu. Sony is obviously keeping the next PC port straight under wraps at the moment. But hopefully, it’s not so long before we have some official confirmation.


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