Migraines During the Christmas Holidays

Are you having Migraines during the Christmas holidays? We have a lot going on during the holidays and sometimes it’s hard to maintain our sanity, the whole activities during the Christmas holidays can lead to stress on not just our bodies but also our minds.

Migraines During the Christmas Holidays
Migraines During the Christmas Holidays

Migraines During the Christmas holidays

To keep your health in check, handle holiday stress, and still maintain your sanity we recommend the following tips.

Be Mindful of Sensory Overload.

To prevent migraines, you have to be mindful about things such as Bright lights, loud mof screaming children, food-induced comas, last-minute shopping, and staying up late. These things increase your stress levels and cause migraine on the long run.

Try Not to Procrastinate.

One thing to note is that procrastination in any situation and level is bad. The worst effect is the stress that compiling things for a later time brings. This can be a huge cause of migraines. The return on investment of avoiding procrastination as it pertains to your health is priceless.

Procrastination leads you to compile more tasks for the next day, and the attempt to fulfill these goals will lead to accumulated stress and on the long run, headache.

Keep a MigraininDiary.

It’s besheadachesck your migraine triggers, intensity, and frequency in a bedside journal. Try using sticky notes to document your episodes if you prefer the Cliffs Notes version. Tracking your migraines in a diary is a great way to give a professional insight into your symptoms and to get a treatment plan.

Practice Mindfulness.

Try not to compare yourself to others. Although the holidays can bring joy, they can also remind us of those who are no longer with us. Train yourself to be mindful and positive. Low vibrations can mean danger is ahead, so avoid negativity.

One very good way to help yourself out is through meditation.

Try to Stick with Consistent Sleep Patterns.

It’s not news that sleeping better makes us feel healthier, even as a night owl myself, I still endorse sleep, especially during the holidays.

Good sleeping patterns help to keep your stress levels low and overall given you higher resistance to conditions giveas migraines.

Be Mindful of your Alcohol and Caffeine Intake.

Seriously, when it comes to alcohol and caffeine, remember moderation is key, those things can give more harm to your body than good. Therefore, it is better to keep them on the minimum.

Take healthier drinks such as water, yoghurt, smoothie, etc.

Exercise and Get Some Fresh Air

Exercise, exercise, exercise! It’s a word I can‘t avoid on this topic. Generally, your body needs it is also important for alleviating stress.

Consider having some sort or exercise schedule for the holidays to keep your body totally fit.

You Don’t Have to do it All!

No one expects you to. You don’t have to say “yes” to every holiday party invite or every gathering. Prioritizing will help keep your mental health and migraines in check. Have rest time too.

Common Migraine Triggers During The Holidays

Some of the major Migraine triggers during the holidays are;

  • Certain food and drinks with dietary triggers such as cholates, aged cheese, processed meat, etc
  • Skipping meals
  • Accumulated Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Bright and flashy lights
  • Certain odors
  • Fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I Always get a Migraine on Holiday?

The major reason for migraine is the stress associated change in pattern of our daily activities. This type of stress can come as a result of travelling or relocation.

How do you Permanently Cure a Migraine?

There is no cure for migraines currently, although you could take some drugs as prescribed by a doctor.

How do you stop Seasonal Migraines?

To stop seasonal migraines, reduce your stress levels by all means, eat healthy and keep fit.

These tips above can help you keep your mind and even your body in check. Also, remember to worry less and think more of solutions rather than problems. Further research can be done on Google.



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