Microsoft’s Xbox $100 immersive gaming Wireless headset – Xbox Wireless headset

The new Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless headset has promised gaming fans immersive gaming for just $100 compared to the best Xbox gaming headsets that are available right now in the market. This headset has promised low-latency, lossless audio without the need for a dongle as well as Bluetooth, up to about 15 hours of battery life, and a much clever control and design. Currently, there is no price yet for UK and Australia was not immediately, but $100 converts to about £70 or AU$130.

Microsoft’s Xbox $100 immersive gaming Wireless headset

Devices that support Microsoft’s Xbox wireless headset

This new wireless headset will support Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS headphone: X for precise surround-sound experiences. Its retractable microphone possesses a dual beamforming element in other to separate speech audio from surrounding sound and it tends to isolate your voice from the ambient background noise, according to the announcement that was made.

The mic in the headset comes with an Auto-mute option that automatically mutes itself when you are not talking. it also has an indicator light so you would know when it is active.

Features of Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless headset

This Microsoft’s Xbox $100 immersive gaming Wireless headset came with a lot of interesting features. some of these features would make you want to look down on your old headsets, they include:

  • Auto-mute sensitivity
  • It has an equalizer and a bass boost setting
  • The Mic’s light brightness can be controlled through the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One, Xbox series X and S, and Windows 10 devices.
  • It also has Bluetooth wireless available so you can choose to connect to your phone for a chat, call, or music.
  • The headset has a durable frame using an inner metal headband with a thick cushion to spread pressure more evenly.
  • Microsoft also turned the outside of the earcups into volume and game/chat audio balance dials. with this, you never have to struggle to find little dials on the headset during a battle.
  • The headset possesses a 3-hour charge time and lasts for up to 15 hours. You can choose to charge it for just 30 minutes just to get 4 hours of use.

This headset is one of the latest and the best gaming accessories created by Microsoft recently.

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