Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event Is a 6d Musical Experience – How to Get Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event Is a 6d Musical Experience. Microsoft has finally launched Windows 11 virtually, and the company promised a “first-of-its-kind 6D streaming event,” featuring Allen Stone and Tate McRae.

Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event Is a 6d Musical Experience

I’m not entirely sure what a “6D musical experience” is, but Microsoft’s website promises multiple camera views during its stream and even a free Windows 11 NFT.

According to the verge, Microsoft describes its Windows 11 NFT as a “unique cryptographic token that lives in your digital wallet and unlocks valuable experiences and rewards.”

Again, I’m not sure what valuable experiences and rewards this will unlock, but we’ll find out at 8pm ET / 5pm PT when the Windows 11 launch stream goes live.

Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event Is a 6d Musical Experience

Windows launch events usually take place in New York City, but Microsoft has not held any in-person events since the start of the pandemic.

Instead, Microsoft is giving away free Windows 11 ice cream, broadcasting commercials on the Times Square screens, and even lighting up Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa hotel with Windows 11 branding.

Windows 11 technically launched on October 4th, as Microsoft started its rollout of the new OS a little early. New devices launch today with Windows 11 preinstalled, and Microsoft expects all existing eligible Windows 10 devices to be offered the free Windows 11 upgrade by mid-2022.

About Windows 11

Windows 11 is finally here, bringing the biggest update we’ve seen to Microsoft’s PC software in more than half a decade. It’ll give your computer a fresh new look, some new ways to multitask and chat with friends, and a few performance enhancements for gaming. But is that all worth upgrading for?

How to Get Windows 11

To see if Windows 11 is available for you, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click “Check for Updates.” You can also simply search “Check for Updates” from the Taskbar. Once you’re there, follow the prompts to download the new software.

Who Can Get Windows 11?

The list of compatible PCs is frankly a little narrower than a lot of us would have expected. The base requirements are a 64-bit processor, 4GB of memory, 64GB of storage, UEFI secure boot, and TPM (trusted platform module) 2.0. It’s that last one that gets tricky for some people, especially on cheaper laptops.

If you’ve got a CPU older than a seventh-gen Intel Core series (we’re up to 11th-gen now), you might be in trouble. If you want to check, use the Microsoft PC Health Check app. There are workarounds for installing Windows 11 anyway but proceed with those at your own risk.

You can get more updates on Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch event is a ‘6D musical experience’ with a free NFT here.


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