Microsoft To-Do Review – How to Create Subtasks on Microsoft To Do

I believe you have all heard about the Microsoft To-Do? According to the topic “Microsoft To-Do Review, I am going to discuss or share with you all about the Microsoft To-Do. If you are a businessman or woman or you are an individual who loves to schedule plans or tasks with time to execute them without you forgetting. Then you should make use of the Microsoft To-Do app and you will get all your tasks done without forgetting. This is a wonderful content because you are going to know a lot about how to schedule your tasks very well.

Microsoft To-Do Review

Microsoft To-Do Review

Now the Microsoft To-Do is a task management system platform that allows users to create, manage, organize, and keep track of all their tasks. Like I have said earlier there are lots of users who don’t remember that much, so this helps in the case of remembering. Not only that also helps you plan a schedule very well, and when you are done you can tick it on your list of tasks.

Now if you have used Wunderlist, then this should also feel very familiar since the same team designed the experience. This app is available on Android, IOS, Web, and also on Windows 10. This will enable you to create tasks with a due date, reminder, note, and some other options. You can also add steps to a task into different lists, sync lists across devices. You can also share lists with other people too.

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Microsoft To Do My Day

Now before you can create a task on Microsoft to make your day go smooth you must be a Microsoft user and also download the Microsoft To Do app on your device then you will make use of the platform very well. If you are not a user then I will show you how to be one and also how to download the app on your device just keep on reading for full information.

Microsoft Support

Now if you want to create a Microsoft account and you need help with it, then you should follow all the steps below for guidance:

  • Go to
  • Then select sign up now or “create one”.
  • Now the sign-up page will appear to enter your email or, you can use a number or get a new email address.
  • After you have entered your email then click “Next”.
  • Now create a password you want to use to make sure it is strong.
  • When done click “Next”.
  • Then enter your first name and last name and click “Next”.
  • Select your region or country.
  • Also your birthdate.
  • Now click “Next” code will be sent to your email address.
  • Enter the code in the box and click “Next”.

Then you will access your new Microsoft account.

Microsoft To-Do Download Free

Now if you want to download the Microsoft To-Do app then you will follow all the steps given below for help:


  • Just access the Windows app store.
  • Then at the search bar type in the “Microsoft To-Do app” and click search.
  • When you have seen your app, tap it, or click it.
  • It will now direct you to where you can download it.
  • Just hit the download button, to begin.


  • Just go to the Google play store.
  • Then access the search bar at the top of the page.
  • After that, search for the Microsoft To-Do app.
  • When you have seen it, just click it, and then you will be directed to a new page.
  • Now click install and it will automatically begin to download on your device.


  • Just open your app store.
  • Then tap the search tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now search for the Microsoft To-Do app.
  • When you have seen it, tap “get” next to the Microsoft To-Do app.
  • Also then tap Install to begin installing the app.

These are the steps to follow when you want to download the Microsoft To-Do app on these devices.

How to Create Subtasks on Microsoft To Do

Now the point of a task management system is to create a task for every step, but sometimes you may need to break a task into subtask to remind you of the steps. It might a topic to control the workflow of a project, here are the steps below:

  • Open the Microsoft To Do.
  • Then click the “Add a task” to create a new item.
  • Now select the newly created task.
  • Also, click “Add step” button.
  • You can repeat step 4 to add subtasks as necessary.

This is how to add subtask on Microsoft To Do, when you are done the number of remaining steps will be displayed under the task in the main list.

How to Schedule a Task On Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do also can help you to stay on top of your tasks with some options to set a reminder, due date and also repeat a particular task. Here are the steps below:

  • Just open the Microsoft To Do.
  • Now click the “Add a task” and create a new item.
  • Then select the newly created task.
  • Also, click the “Remind me” button.
  • Then select one of the suggested schedules or click the “Pick a date & time” option to set a custom schedule.
  • Now click the “Add due date” button.
  • Also, select one of the suggested dates or click the “Pick a date” option to set a due date.
  • You can click the “Repeat” button.
  • Now you can select how often you want to repeat the task.

When you have done this, Microsoft will remind you about a task depending on the settings you specified.

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