Microsoft Is Set To Hold a Surface Event in September

Microsoft is set to hold a Surface event in September, but just as experts have analyzed it, it still will not be able to compete with the hype surrounding the iPhone 15. The Microsoft 2023 Surface event as you should know will eventually show users the future of Surface devices as well as Windows 11.

Microsoft Surface Event in September

Microsoft Surface Event in September

The month of September could be really big for tech launches, as not only is Apple widely expected to launch and unveil the iPhone 15 at an event in a couple of weeks’ time, but Microsoft, on the other hand, is getting in on the action, thus sending out invites to what it calls a “special event”, which in question is set to take place on September 21 in New York City.

The invites in question, which were sent to selected press outlets (as previously reported by Windows Central and others), is typically cryptic, so we really don’t have any specifics as to what Microsoft is planning on revealing or showing. It is very much likely that we will get to see some new Surface devices, such as the reported follow-ups to the Surface Laptop 5 as well as the Surface Pro 9.

What to Expect From the Event

We may however also see the Surface Laptop Studio 2, which as you should know is the follow-up to the innovative laptop of Microsoft that is designed for digital creatives, as well as the affordable Surface Go 4 and then the Surface Laptop Go 3.

It is probably a safe bet that Microsoft will also be sharing its vision for the future of its Windows 11 operating system, which is inclusive of any new features coming soon. Windows 11 as you should know will be getting a big update in the month of September, which will reportedly include an early version of its AI-powered Windows Copilot tool.

Microsoft and Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of artificial intelligence, you should probably be expecting  Microsoft to talk about that a whole lot, as it has been reportedly adding AI capabilities such as the Bing Chat AI chatbot to a couple of its products, and this is including the Edge web browser, and I really cannot imagine that drive for more AI integration is really going to be stopping any time soon.

Microsoft has prior to this in past held events for its new hardware around the end of September as well as early October, so there was not a big amount of surprise when the latest invites reportedly dropped. However, September 2023 looks really set to have plenty of big releases which could get to overshadow the reveals of Microsoft.

Meta Quest 3 VR Headset Reported Launch Date

The Meta Quest 3 VR headset on the other hand is also expected to be launched around the same time, and of course, hype is also building for the iPhone 15 launch.

Apple’s own event will very likely be towards the start of September, but with reviews very much likely coming in, alongside a release date that is closer to the middle of the month, it is so likely that people will still be talking about the new handsets by the time of Microsoft’s very own events.



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