Microsoft AI Web – What is Microsoft AI Web?

Today I will be discussing with you the Microsoft AI Web. As you might have known already, software developers are quickly adopting the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Some examples of Artificial Intelligence technologies are image understanding, Machine Learning (ML), sentiment analysis, speech recognition, and language understanding.

Microsoft is not left out of these software developers and that is why we are discussing today “Microsoft AI Web”. You should know that AI-infused software applications drive innovative customer experiences, augment human capabilities and even transform how we work, live, and play. New tools such as cloud-hosted APIs and platforms make it even easier to build such applications.

Microsoft AI Web

Microsoft AI Web

The Microsoft AI Web or platform provides a suite of powerful tools. Examples of these tools are the Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning and so many more. These tools allow developers to quickly without stress infuse AI into their applications and scenarios.

This enables new and intelligent experiences for their users. One important piece of information you should take note of is that the Microsoft AI platform consists of three core areas. These three core areas are AI services, AI infrastructure, and AI tools.

Microsoft AI Web Tour

Below, you are going on a quick tour of the Microsoft AI Web platform. You have to pay close attention so you can get through and understand every detail that will be shared.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive services are trained services that enable you to jumpstart the development of your AI applications. It can do this without requiring your data science team to develop and train models. This service (Cognitive Services) features a rich set of instant AI capabilities of which you can use.

You should know, these capabilities are organized into the following categories; speech, knowledge. Language, vision, and search. Cognitive services APIs enable users to leverage a powerful computer vision algorithm. These algorithms have been pre-trained to recognize things such as different face attributes, landmarks, celebrities, emotion, gender, printed or written words, a command from users, perform translations, spell check and so many more.

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Customized Computer Visions Models

While you explore cognitive services to develop your AI applications, you definitely are going to find that you need to further customize the models using your own data. This you can do with the custom vision services.

The custom vision service allows you to bring your very own data and use it in training your computer vision models. State-of-the-art transfer learning techniques from existing pre-trained computer vision models and evolve them to learn about the new images you upload to the custom vision service. This state-of-the-art system will allow you to develop a highly performing computer vision model in just minutes.

Custom Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models

As you work on various cases and applications, data scientists in your organization might need to develop and customize deep learning models. They would need to do this using all kinds of deep learning toolkits. The Microsoft AI Web or platform provides an open and flexible environment for that deep learning.

The Azure Machine Learning empowers data scientists to build, manage and develop models at a scale. With the aid of this machine, you can with ease train your models in spark, run them on Azure Deep Learning Virtual Machines, or even process them on a managed GPU cluster with batch AI and much more.

Bots help provide exciting new ways to engage with customers and employees thereby helping them complete tasks. The bot framework provides a rich set of capabilities for conversational AI. This helps in developing powerful new bots that interact with your employees and customers via applications, websites, text/SMS, Skype, and even more.


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