Microsoft 365 Services Offers a Better Protection for All Devices

Microsoft 365 Services Offers a Better Protection for All Devices. Recently, Microsoft announced an expansion of its software subscription package that should further help users protect their various devices against Cyberthreats.

Microsoft 365 Services Offers a Better Protection for All Devices

Microsoft 365 Services Offers a Better Protection for All Devices

Just as better described in a new blog, Microsoft 365 customers would now benefit from a service called Microsoft Defender for individuals, billed as “a new security app that was designed to keep individuals and families safer online”.

The Application offers users a much better way for them both to protect and monitor all their devices across macOS, iOS, and Android, as well as windows – from a single, unified dashboard. Also, it offers up tips and suggestions that would aid users in further making their protection a lot better.

Microsoft Defender for Individuals

The objective of this new service states that Microsoft would eliminate complexities that might arise due to using multiple different security products across multiple devices and operating systems.

Let’s take, for example, someone might deploy an antivirus and Ransomware protection service on their windows PC, but makes use of a different product to shield against the same types of attacks that is on their iPhone, and yet another on their Android Tablet.

However, Microsoft has claimed that this is another scattered approach for creating gaping holes in the security armor, by making full oversight right next to the impossible.

Microsoft Security Products

“To aid in keeping your data private and devices more secure, people would usually turn to multiple security products, with scatted security monitoring and devices management. This fragmentation would make it so that keeping up with the increasing online threats a lot harder,” explained Vasu Jakkal, CVP for security compliance, identity, and Management.

“We are expected to evolve our security solutions in other to meet unique customer’s needs at home and work by bringing together existing technologies in a new way.”

While some users mainly rely on Microsoft security products, the company understands that many would also choose to opt for alternative services, from companies like Norton and McAfee. As such, Microsoft has built support for individuals’ dashboards.

365 Services

The services have also promised to extend default windows Malware protection across all their devices, although it is not override existing protections where they exist.

“We’re proud to take this step forward in our continued commitment to security for all,” Wrote Microsoft. “The introduction of the Microsoft Defender is just the beginning to aid you and your family comprehensively secure your digital life using the technology that you can trust.

The Microsoft Defender for individuals is now available to anybody that is in possession of the 365 family or personal subscription, with some personal additional features Set to be incorporated at a much later date.


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