Meta’s Text Chat for Horizon Worlds Is Set to Roll out to All Users

Meta’s text chat for Horizon Worlds is set to roll out to all users. This new development simply means that World Chat will now be available for everyone beginning this new week.

Meta’s Text Chat for Horizon Worlds

Meta’s Text Chat for Horizon Worlds

The text-based chat feature of Meta for Horizon Worlds will reportedly be available for all users starting this week, Meta in a blog post on Tuesday stated. The text chat feature in question, which Meta dubs “world chat,” offers users a genuine way to communicate with other people who are inside a Horizon Worlds experience without making use of their voices. Meta initially launched world chat in a limited way back in June.

The world chat feature as you should know is reportedly accessible from the options that you can pick from when you get to lift your left wrist while in VR. This in question is a little world icon that is inside a speech box. And in order to make text chat a bit easier, Meta has stated that it offers quick replies so that you really don’t have to take the time to spell out messages manually, which can be a really big pain in VR.

Personal Experience with the New Tech Chat Feature of Horizon Worlds

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to world chat myself at the moment, so I really just can’t vouch for how well it might work or just how useful it might get to be. And I also am not sure if this is an exclusive feature for the VR version of Horizon Worlds or if it is also available for the just recently launched mobile and web versions, but however, I have asked Meta to clarify.

Horizon Worlds Reportedly Struggling To Keep Users

The Wall Street Journal in the previous year reported that Horizon Worlds has been reportedly struggling to keep users, but Meta on its end has been improving the social playscape with features such as world chat, improved moderation tools, as well as avatar legs. For me, Horizon Worlds still has a long way to go in order to compete with similar social apps such as Roblox or Fortnite, but one thing to note is that it is getting better.



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