Messenger for Instagram – Instant Messenger Instagram – How to Access Instagram from Messenger

It is now possible to use Facebook Messenger for Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have made available a feature that allows access to easily bring your Instagram contacts into Facebook Messenger. The new service, which is usually a choice opt-in for the Messenger app’s users, is the latest trend in a series of joint services between Instagram and Facebook’s properties. This has earlier included the posting of items on both Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories as well, and also the ability to launch the Instagram app directly from the Facebook app. Read more on this article so to get the steps on how to access this service.

Messenger for Instagram

Currently, merging the Messenger and Instagram applications has made it easier and simpler to sync both accounts with each other.

This option is useful as it has given that Instagram Messaging today a heavily serviced used feature and over 375 million users were already using Instagram Direct as of April this year, for the assumption. Assuming, a user’s Instagram friends they want to chat is also on Messenger, too.

The joint service is yet another point of how Facebook is leveraging its multiple mobile services smartly to keep its users in its ecosystem, and gathering an even larger social network as a result. After all, not every user of Instagram users is available on Messenger or are Facebook users.

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Instant Messenger Instagram

Additionally, when the company brings together its social graphs after this service, it is possible to better connect the dots when there’s overlapping, and this potentially means that more social data for users that advertise in the long run.

Facebook and Instagram won’t be officially announcing this service, but users are to automatically see this and be notified if they want to turn it on after launching their Messenger application.

How to Access Instagram from Messenger

Before accessing this feature, you have to ensure your Facebook is connected to your Instagram account as well. Follow the steps as guided below to access this feature and service:

  • Go to your device app menu.
  • Launch the Facebook Messenger application.
  • You will see a prompt displayed message indicating “Introduction Cross-App Messaging”
  • Click on “Done”.
  • From the chat icon, tap on the new message icon from the top right section.
  • Enter or select a contact’s name or Instagram username.
  • Tap on the name of the user and then tap on “Done”.
  • Type your message in the text box at the bottom of the page.
  • Then tap on “Send”.

Only your mutual follow contacts on your Instagram will be available. To your Messenger. So, therefore, there’s no issue with Instagram followers’ access to been able to spam you. On Messenger, even if you are not following them back.


As has always been for Facebook over the past few years, its ultimate aim and goal are to integrate and bring together all of its messaging platforms which are Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp. Facebook aims to make all its social messaging platform accessible from each you are on so that users of any of these apps can be used to message each other without having to download each app separately.

Lately, the company has announced a new feature called the ‘Accounts Centre’. And this feature gives users access to possess a single authentication across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

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