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Do you know the messenger for Facebook download app? If you do not know and you would love to find out, then this is your chance. Facebook Messenger as a very popular messaging app is a free messaging tool and app. This app is used for instant messaging, sharing stickers and emojis, videos, photos, audio recordings, and also used for group chats.

Messenger for Facebook Download

This app is free for download. This means that anyone can make use of this app and can download it. The Facebook messenger app has always caused a stir on the internet for so many reasons. This very app has been likened to the Facebook main app. So, here is a question for you. Is the Facebook main app the same as the messenger app?

The messenger app is a separate app to Facebook. The messenger app is the main and official messaging app of Facebook. You can set up your messenger profile with your Facebook profile or your mobile phone number. The main features of this app include;

  • Instant messaging.
  • Group chats.
  • Video and photo sharing.
  • Voice and audio recordings.
  • Live video chat.
  • Sending and receiving money.

These are the main features of the messenger app. And just like the main Facebook app, you must be at least 13 years old to download the app or set up an account on it.

Why You Should Get the Facebook Messenger App

There are lots of reasons you should get this app. One reason however is that downloading this app is free. You are not required to pay a dime as it is all free. You can connect with friends and the contacts on your phone book easily with the app. And just like the Facebook main app, it is really easy to use. There are lots of cool and interesting stickers and emojis to brighten and color your chat with friends and family.

Lastly, if you have a registered Facebook account, you need to get this app. Do you know the reason? This app is the official messaging app of Facebook. And it simply means that you cannot message, send, or receive if you do not have this app on your device.

How the Facebook Messenger App Work

This app works in a very simple manner and fashion. To get started with it you will need to first download the app on your mobile device. After downloading this app, you will have the option of setting it up with your mobile phone number or your Facebook account.

If you choose to set up with your Facebook account, information from your account will be used in setting up your profile on messenger. And some of the pieces of information include your friends list, profile picture, and others. And just in case you are wondering if there are any risks involved with making use of the app, there are no risks. It is safe to download and share your information with the app.

How to Download the Facebook Messenger App

Downloading this app is free and easy. And just as explained already, anyone 13 years and older can download this app. This app is very popular and can be found on most digital app stores across the internet today, including the Google play store and the apple app store. To download this app, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the google play store or the Apple app store on your android or iOS device respectively.
  • Search for messenger via the search bar on your devices app store.
  • From the search result, tap on messenger.
  • On Android devices, tap the install tab on the apps description page. On iOS devices, on the other hand, tap the get tab to start the download and installation process.

That’s it. The app would be downloaded to your device immediately.

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