Automated Marketing Platform: Best Automated Marketing Platforms | Benefits of Automated Marketing platforms

Automated Marketing Platform are designed to help online marketers get leads, build relationships with customers and potential customers, and move prospects via sales.

This works with multiple functionality tools like social media, email, web marketing, analytics, and multi-channel marketing.

Automated Marketing Platform

This marketing platform is a way to legally acquire clients and potential customers’ data from different sources and develop market strategies that work from multiple means.

Though an automated marketing platform automates some processes, this doesn’t mean that it will ruin your brand or business entirely.

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Automated marketing platforms allow you to measure your efforts and build relationships with all your clients, this is not all, it also gives them consistent experience despite the fact that they all have different interests.

Automated Marketing Platforms | Best Automated Marketing Platforms

From what we have discussed earlier, you can see that an automated marketing platform autopilots your business or brand. Here we are going to be discussing some of the best-automated marketing platforms.

Hubspot is an automated marketing platform that gives you some free tools and enterprise-ready features too. With HubSpot, you can easily schedule emails and sync custom forms automatically.

Though most of the tools offered by Hubspot are free when using it as an automated marketing platform, it charges you $800/month for a thousand contacts.

  • ConvertedIn

Convertedin main job is creating ads, it helps you set up high ROI ads on social media platforms and on google too.

Covertedin charges at three levels, for staters it charges $99/month for 2,200 customers, medium at $499/month for 15,000 customers, and allows custom plans for enterprises.

This automated marketing platform has a lot of tools but one of the overall tools it has is scheduling emails for a better relationship between client and customer.

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Sendinblue charges at $65/month for 20,000 users, you can check their Price Calculator for more details on their prices.

This one is an automated marketing platform that focuses on social media, it grows your business or brand on the social media platform, with this platform you can also track engagements and clicks on your contents.

Revive Old Post charges at $89/month for a single site (personal), $176/month for 3 sites (business) and $353/month for an unlimited number of sites (marketer).

Mailchimp is popular among small businesses and it is cloud-based. It features tools like social media management, customer relationship management, landing pages, and many more.

Mailchimp has a basic plan and it is free for 2,000 customers while its paid plan is $10.20/month for 50,000 contacts and three audiences.

Links to visit each of the automated marketing platforms are already attached in this post, so all you need to do is click on the link to visit the platform.

Benefits of Automated Marketing platforms

As a business owner or brand owner, here are some reasons you should use at least one automated marketing platform.

  • Enhancement in the ability to better leads.
  • Increased rate in marketing efficiency.
  • A better alignment of marketing and sales.

Here are the major benefits of automated marketing platforms, though there are a lot more and some of these platforms offer special benefits.

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