Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – How to apply

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) is an institution that focuses on healthcare professions. Whether you are just graduating high school, changing your educational or specialized focus, or preceding your career, there’s no better place to start.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Their distinctively immersive and applied culture is aimed to help you accomplish your potential as a healthcare expert. You get to train with the same equipment and technology used in real labs, offices, and hospitals. They Increase in a community of compatible learners. You get challenged, stimulated. And have fun too.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, (MCPHS) offers students various means to accomplish their career goals, and help them find the right one. Every student is allocated a MAC team of, Advisors, Mentors, and Coaches for personalized guidance and support, so you graduate on time.

MCPHS offers undergraduate and unconventional platforms across the entire healthcare range. In case you are not too sure where to start? You can always use an interactive program finder to zero in on your future career.


The school have degrees in;

  • Certificates
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

Their Popular majors

Their popular majors include;

  • Pharmacist
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceutical science
  • Physician Assistant
  • Pre-Med
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Radiation Therapist

Courses Offered by MCPHS

Undergraduate Courses

The university offers undergraduate programs such as;

  • Physician assistant studies,
  • Nursing, pharmacy,
  • Dental hygiene,
  • Radiological sciences,
  • Pharmaceutical science,
  • Pharmaceutical marketing and management.

Additionally, the school offers undergraduate programs in molecular biology, chemistry, health psychology, public health, and pre-medical sciences.

Graduate Courses

The college also offers graduate studies they are listed below;

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Natural products
  • Optometry,
  • Drug regulatory affairs and health policy.

The school also offers advanced qualifications in diagnostic medical sonography, computed tomography, radiography, dental hygiene, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine technology, and radiation therapy for medical technologists.

Reasons to Choose MCPHS

There are too many reasons for you to choose MCPHS, some of them are listed below;

  • Healthcare is in high demand; there’s a popular saying, health is wealth. People are willing to go to any length to make sure of good health and that’s why health-related jobs are hot cake right now.
  • Demonstrated career success; the college is presently ranking among the top health school across New England.
  • The school is located in medical hubs
  • Their professional opportunities are unmatched.
  • They are currently operating a modern curriculum

How to apply

Below are the methods to applying;

Common Application: Add MCPHS to your list of schools you are applying to and don’t forget to answer our university-specific questions in our Member Profile, which includes an additional short-answer essay.

MCPHS Internal Application: If you do not plan to complete the Common Application, you may apply to MCPHS as a first-year applicant using the MCPHS Internal Application.

Application deadline; the MCPHS will be accepting applications for fall 2021 and fall 2022. The students for fall 2021 will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will get notifications of the decision within a few weeks after completing their admission file. The lists of the deadline for fall 2022 are listed below;

MCPHS has three application deadlines:

  • November 1 — Early Action Round I
  • AdmissionNotification: Mid-December
  • December 1 — Early Action Round II
  • AdmissionNotification: Mid-January
  • February 1 — Regular Decision
  • AdmissionNotification: Mid-February

Admission Requirements

Below are the requirements for admission into the MCPHS;

  • Your common application form
  • Your transcripts
  • A letter of recommendation
  • An handwritten essay
  • Test Scores
  • English Proficiency

To get more details on the whole application process simply click here. MCPHS is one of the best and oldest health institutions. They are well dedicated to making you the best in the health sector. You can get more details about the school by simply clicking here.


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