Massachusetts College of Art and Design – Programs Offered in Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Massachusetts College of Art and Design popularly called MassArt has been operating for more than 145 years now. They are well recognized for innovative, sustaining, and reforming a world-class education in art and design.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

That’s not all they also send an expert and proficient scholar-artists out into the world as professionals, able to shake up and shine on both the local and global stages.

Their reach is rated high, so it means it’s great. Through dynamic community partnerships in and around Boston, students gain real-world experience, and we bring art and design into the public sphere for multi-generational audiences.

From designing outward wrap for mobile medical vans, to delivering innovative workshops at schools and libraries, curating neighborhood art exhibitions, and beautifying city fences, they also bring art and design into spaces where access is otherwise restricted.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

At Massachusetts College of Art and Design, they’ve always believed that art is an igniting force for positive change. From their earliest days, they believed in offering a bright gate where access to world-class art education isn’t defined by economics or privilege.

The school is well committed to providing an education and the promise of a future founded on ambition, talent, and drive.

As the first publicly maintained self-supporting visual arts college in the US, this school takes great pride in its ability to nurture and support students with extraordinary creative promise, notwithstanding the limitations in college prep opportunities, or financial status.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Museum

The MassArt Art Museum (MAAM) is presently the latest museum in Boston, a galaxy to experience works by idealistic artists at the forefront of present-day art. As MassArt’s teaching museum, they are dedicated to educating and endowing the next generation of artists both on our campus and throughout the world.

The main purpose of the museum is that they want to address and help change this present reality to create a more inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-colonialist museum culture.

Their goal is to build improved cultural equity practices to certify that all people are well-represented in the arts. You can get more details about the museum by simply clicking here.

Programs Offered in Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Through exposure to a variety of techniques and viewpoints, students gain the ability to work creatively beyond the conventions of mainstream animation.

Architectural Design

The architecture program prepares students to be sensitive to the needs of their clients and to adapt to the constraints of the surrounding environment.

Art Education

The art education department prepares students to be skillful, imaginative, and socially engaged teachers and artists.


Ceramics students explore personal ideas through the lenses of history, aesthetics, world culture, social/environmental issues, design, craftsmanship, science, and innovation.

Communication Design

Communication design touches the lives of every person. It is central to how we construct and convey meaning within communication design.

Design Innovation

The Master of Design: Design Innovation (MDes) program at MassArt is a full-time, two-year (60 credit hours) graduate program that prepares the next generation of innovators to lead organizational and social transformation at corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Dynamic Media 

The 60-credit DMI MFA enables students to pursue their thesis through a rigorous practice of research, prototyping, and writing.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design explores the relationship between classic principles and bold innovation -­ and how each one can drive the process of creation.


The fibers program offers students an intensive grounding in traditional fiber techniques to support experimental work across all areas of art, artisan, and design.


Students at MassArt study film and video as fine arts, in an environment that emphasizes and supports the development of a personal vision and encourages experimentation across mediums and genres.

Furniture Design

Explore furniture design at MassArt through a unique collaboration between the College and North Bennet Street School.


The glass program encourages students to experiment with glass as a medium for individual expression, through the creation of vessels and sculptural forms.

History of Art

History of Art students is both scholars and artists, participating in both thesis research and a rigorous studio component.


Every illustrator is a storyteller at heart. MassArt’s Illustration program emphasizes the understanding of character development and narrative techniques.

Industrial Design

The industrial design program teaches students to solve design problems and redesign products to improve their usability.

Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Through the creation of jewelry, functional objects, and sculpture, students in the jewelry and Metalsmithing program give form to their artistic vision.

There so many choices of program, you will definitely find the one to suit you. you can also get more details on the programs they offer, you can simply click on this link. You can also get more details about the school by clicking here.


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