Many Businesses Hope That Cloud Will Be the Catalyst to Net Zero

Many businesses hope that cloud will be the catalyst to net zero. Companies and businesses alike are all now relying on cloud in a bid to help them to reduce their emissions.

Many Businesses Hope That Cloud Will Be the Catalyst to Net Zero

Many Businesses Hope That Cloud Will Be the Catalyst to Net Zero

A recent AWS-backed survey into the medium that firms and business leaders manage their decarbonization efforts in a bid to get to net zero in Europe by the year 2050 has found that cloud technology may just be holding the key or one of many keys to supposed success.

The supposed study consulted 4,000 businesses in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain, 96% of which have set emission reduction targets. Around three-quarters of business leaders also believe that technology such as cloud hosting could help to accelerate their journey to net zero by at least two years thus helping them to achieve their target by 2048 at the least.

20% of Companies Claims They Lack the Right Technology to Achieve Their Net Zero Goals

Having that in mind, around 20% claim that they lack the right technology in place to achieve their net zero goals, and also, one in five were yet to go cloud-first. Among a host of obstacles holding businesses back was the impact of rising costs and economic uncertainty on a worldwide scale.

Three-Quarters of Business Leaders Feel Very In Their Abilities to Control Greenhouse Gas Emissions

And despite all the challenges, three-quarters of business leaders feel very confident and strong in their abilities to control greenhouse gas emissions. This is a stark contrast to just one in ten that measure emissions scope 3, which as you know focuses on indirect emissions that take place in the value chain of the company. More than half of the companies in question were measuring scopes 1 which is direct emissions from owned or controlled sources and 2, indirect emissions from heating, cooling, electricity, and so on.

What AWS Director of Sustainability Has To Say About the Development

“What I think is so interesting here is that business leaders who have already engaged cloud services think they are more successful in delivering carbon reductions,” AWS Director of Sustainability, Chris Wellise notes. “The data backs up this view, as cloud offers nearly any company or public body a less carbon-intensive way of managing their IT.”


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