Make Money as a Writer – 3 Ultimate Ways to Make Money From Writing

Make Money As A Writer. If you sometimes puzzle yourself with the question, “can I make money from writing?“  or “how can I make money as a writer?“, then this article is for you.

Make Money As A Writer

The truth is that you are not alone as you are not the only one asking these questions. It is a very common feeling to be a little lost in your writing career. Fret not, it‘s not the end of the world, it‘s a stage every writer must pass through.

3 ultimate ways to make money from writing

The best way to earn money from your skills is to learn the very ropes of making money from the craft. No one should consider his/herself a writer yet until they are able to maximize their skills enough to make money. The following steps below will help you launch into your writing career with success.

Work as a full-time writer

The easiest way to earn from writing is to get a writing job. Here are examples of these types of jobs

  • A copywriter at an advertising agency
  • Social media content writer for a start-up (think writing Instagram/Facebook posts, tweeting from the company account, etc.)
  • Being a journalist
  • Becoming a content writer for a lifestyle magazine

Advantages of Becoming a Writer

The advantages of being employed as a full-time writer are that you will have a steady source of income with all the standard corporate perks; insurance, pay bumps, a chance to rise in the ladders and to interact with other creatives.

The problem, with working as a full-time writer is;

  1. There is a fixed ceiling on your income
  2. You don’t get to choose what you want to writer

Work as a freelance writer

This step is a perfect solution to the problems listed above. Perhaps the most well-kept secret in the industry is the fact that freelance writers can make bank.

It is not uncommon for highly regarded ghostwriters and copywriters to make up to six figures.

Another upside of freelance writing is the freedom experienced, you are not obliged to accept any clients you are not interested in working with or any article you don‘t want to work on, you are in effect, you are your own boss.

However, the problem of having a ceiling to your income still remains, because in freelancing you are still trading your time for money.

Write and Own Your Own Content

Right here, you own your work and let it work for you, here are some examples:

  • Self-publishing your book on Amazon
  • Crafting an e-book and selling it on your website
  • Writing blog posts for your personal website
  • Writing on third party sites like Medium, Newsbreak, and Wattpad
  • Offering subscription-based services (such as a weekly newsletter) to your true fans on sites like Substack and Patreon

The best advantage of this option is not only that it solves both the problems brought up earlier, but it offers us some other benefits which are;

  1. Owning content means you have 100% creative freedom.
  2. You can decide to have a library of contents to help you break the income ceiling.
  3. It gives you all the opportunities you need to make a name for yourself.

Conclusively, the suggestions given above are the keys to making money with the art of writing. Creating a library of content that you own is actually the best way to make money with writing.


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