MailChimp Vs SendinBlue: A Direct Comparison

‘MailChimp Vs SendinBlue’. MailChimp and SendinBlue are both all-in-one marketing platform that assists you in managing and conversing with your clients, customers, and other people who are interested. In this article, we will be comparing MailChimp Vs SendinBlue under some areas as you read ahead.

MailChimp Vs SendinBlue

Marketing CRM

Mailchimp makes provision of a fully-functional Marketing Customer Relationship Management feature (CRM) that helps you to know more about your customers and also gives you ideas that you can make use to enhance your marketing.

The Sendinblue Marketing CRM also makes provision of similar features where you can easily save contact information, segment lists, and create tasks that can be allocated to your team or used for forwarding automated emails to your customers.

Marketing Automation

Mailchimp and Sendinblue both make provision of pre-built automation, an example is a yearly “happy birthday” message to a customer. Both platforms also provide users with the option to create event-based automation emails. Also, added to email, Sendinblue also gives users the access to forward an SMS text message within its automated workflows.

Sendinblue makes these features available with their Premium plan which starts at $66/month while Mailchimp makes all these features available starting at $14.99/month for the Standard plan.

Cross-channel Marketing

Sendinblue provides its users with access to a various number of marketing channels which includes email, text, chat, Facebook Ads, and landing page while with Mailchimp, you have access to Email, Instagram and Facebook ads, Social posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Pop-up forms, Postcards, Google remarketing ads, Websites, Unlimited landing pages. This implies that you can create an integrated, multichannel experience for your customers through your Mailchimp account.

Optimization and Reporting

Mailchimp and Sendinblue give full details about audience engagement, give A/B testing, and also give access you to download your campaign reports or share them with a colleague. However, MailChimp unlike Sendinblue can provide interpretation and insights as regards data directly on your audience dashboard.

Mailchimp’s Standard plan vs. SendinBlue Premium plan

There are two versions of the SendinBlue Premium plan. One costs $66/month (reduces to $59.40/month if you are paying annually). And gives access to up to 120,000 email forwards each month. The other Premium plan option allows up to 350,000 email forwards each month and costs $173/month (reduces to $155.70/month if you are paying annually). The Mailchimp Standard plan allows up to 1.2 million monthly email forwards and the price begins at $14.99/month for up to 500 contacts.

Integration Parts

Sendinblue has over 50 apps and services that integrate with its platform which includes popular options like WordPress, Salesforce, and Shopify. While MailChimp connects with WordPress, Salesforce, and Shopify. MailChimp has over 250 different app integrations across 20 categories.

Domain Hosting

Sendinblue offers various numbers of tools for the need of a small business but they don’t offer website services. MailChimp offers custom domains that include an SSL certificate for the encryption of your data.

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