Macs Look Like the Future of PC Gaming

Macs Look Like the Future of PC Gaming and this is great news for Mac owners. When it comes to PC gaming, generally speaking, Mac never pops up in the scene. Most PC gaming rigs are brightly colored tower cases, acrylic or even glass panels, and if you happen to be lucky, some amazing custom water cooling solution that raises the gaming PC to the level of artwork.

Macs Look Like the Future of PC Gaming

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Macs Look Like the Future of PC Gaming

The thing is that things with time bring up new changes, and Apple, which has been long counted out of the PC gaming question has finally turned its sights back on the gaming field that it had all but abandoned about two decades ago, and the company feels like it is in a much better position to compete with windows PCs than before.

“All MacBooks are gaming MacBooks,” Jeremy Sandmel, Apple’s Senior Director of GPU software, told me not long after Apple’s WWDC 2022 conference that took place back in June where he took the stage to announce the No Man’s Sky and Resident evil village heading to Macs as native titles, rather than post-PC-launch, third-party ports. And while there are certain amounts of bravado in that statement, it also happens to be a revealing one.

While I would not put an intel-base MacBook anywhere close to the best gaming laptops available on the market, or honestly even the best cheap gaming laptops either Apple Silicon really is another case, entirely. And while Sandmel’s quip might hit some PC gamers as strange – if not downright offensive to more hardcore among the audience – he happens to be right in several ways that a lot of people might not even know yet.

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PC Gaming’s Future will not be like its Present

One thing major deal here is that the current state of gaming PC in the past few years is just how a once exclusive hobby-by-choice has increasingly become an exclusive hobby-by-attrition.

Playing the latest games using one of the best graphics cards and the fastest processors used to be the raison d’etre of PC gaming. The console just could not match the image quality and the performance of even the best budget gaming PC and, later, gaming laptops brought to the table. PCs happen to be what the truly dedicated game developers targeted for their titles, seeing as only PCs could actually offer life to the increasingly cinematic games like Half-life, Crysis, Call of Duty, and other amazing PC titles.

But for some years now, console gaming has shifted to become the basic platform for AAA gaming, largely because there are tons of gamers that are being priced out of PC gaming by the shocking cost of the required hardware. The Nvidia RTX 3080 Founders Edition cost about $699 / £649 / AU$1,139 at MSRP, which is quite enough money for a gamer to purchase a PS5 or an Xbox Series X | S and a cheap 4K TV to enjoy the console with it.

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Are Macs and MacBooks Growing into Gaming Consoles?

Apple’s Sandmel told techradar that all MacBooks are gaming MacBooks.” In a PC gaming landscape, there is so much hardware that must be accounted for, it is just a little wonder why developers are starting to primarily aim at consoles, rather than developing for high-end PCs and porting to much weaker consoles afterward.

Elden ring launching this year is a great example of a game that can run perfectly on consoles, but it ran into persistent issues when running on a PC, despite its more accessible requirement for major AAA launch. Making sure there are several PCs that can play your game as is a growing bottleneck in game development created especially problematic when developers regularly face long periods of unpaid crunch time, even for console releases.

Ultimately, it happens to be an obvious weak spot in a game studio’s roadmap, One that once made developing AAA games natively for Macs entirely unthinkable. With the shrinking user base, the math simply fails to math at some point: if it actually costs you more to develop for a platform than you are ever likely to make from releasing on that platform, you would just decide not to release it on the platform.

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