MacBook Pro to Get Better Webcam – MacBook Pro Update

MacBook Pro to get a much better Webcam as suggested in Rumors. A new rumor is now making rounds through Twitter from a leaker claiming that the updated MacBook Pro models are expected these years to feature an updated webcam.

MacBook Pro to Get Better Webcam

As stated in a tweet, the upcoming MacBook Pro is expected to get an improved 1080p camera, and the whole Mac lineup is expected to receive similar upgrades, Presumably, this would mean that MacBook Air would get a much better and improved camera also.

MacBook Pro to Get Better Webcam

The rumor of an upgraded webcam fits in with rumors from earlier this month concerns the latest 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models coming in Q3 of this year. The rumor stated that notebooks would also get revealed late in September 2021. This would happen just before the next-generation iPhone and Apple Watch models debut. While exactly what upgrades the notebooks might remain unknown, expectations are that the machines would get to the mini-LED displays.

MacBook Pro Update: Major Changes

The major change expected for these updated pro models remains the elimination of the intel chips in favor of M1 hardware right inside the 16-inch MacBook Pro. That machine remains the only one left in the lineup that is running Intel hardware. Another interesting leak also suggests that one of the new MacBook Pro models that are coming this year would possess more ports than its predecessor.

MacBook Docks and Ports

Apple remains infamous for offering minimal ports on its machines to the ire of some Mac users. This lack of ports remains one of the major complaints of Apple hardware for a lot of users. Thankfully, there remains a lot of shortage of Apple docking stations that is on the market for all those that need more ports.

Docks add the ports Apple has taken back, making that machine a lot more usable. Particularly for all those that have to run a lot of peripherals and accessories for play or work. September remains only some months away, and odds are more details would leak between now and then.


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