M1 MacBook Air deals Are at Low Price Currently – Best M1 MacBook Air Deals

The MacBook Air deals have now seen a slump over in the last few weeks, and if you have currently been waiting for a record low price, this is the time for you to purchase. This is because, Currently, the M1 MacBook Air deals are currently at a low price. Take advantage of this opportunity to get the best deals available for the M1 MacBook Air that a lot of people want to purchase.

M1 MacBook Air deals Are at Low Price Currently

M1 MacBook Air deals Are at Low Price Currently

Amazon has currently Knocked both the 256Gb and the 512Gb models down to a record low price for this week. The saving is a little bit smaller on the 256GB version, with a $50 saving dropping us back down to $949.99.

However, you can choose to double the storage at $1,169.92 right now, all thanks to the $79 discount down from $1,249. Considering the fact that we have only seen this configuration on sale at $1,199 before these MacBook Air deals, that happens to be a great offer.

The M1 MacBook Air is great for all those that are looking forward to an ultra-book, but with Apple’s Signature minimalist footprint. At just 13.3-inches and just 2.8 pounds, it is very backpack friendly, and the performance that it brings from the latest M1 chip which is a force that is to be reckoned with as well.

Today’s Best M1 MacBook Air Deals

M1 MacBook Air (256GB): $999 $949.99 at Amazon

This $50 discount available on the M1 MacBook Air brought down its price Tag to a record Low $949.99 currently. That is an excellent price that is found on the powerful luxury laptop, with Apple’s Latest M1 Processing chip, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD.

M1 MacBook Air (512GB): $1,249 $1,169.92 at Amazon

The cheapest that you can find for the 512GB MacBook Air go was $1,199 that makes this drop down to $1,169.92 all the more impressive this week. If you’re at all concerned about the amount of storage in the entry-level model found above, this is worth the look.

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