Long-Awaited Apple TV Feature Seen on tvOS 14.5 beta – Apple TV Upcoming Feature

The feature that a lot of people have long-awaited in the Apple TV is now seen on the tvOS 14.5 beta. This feature would bring some interesting new changes to the platform. Although it has their investments has been on heavy digital contents services just like the Apple TV app and Apple TV+ streaming.

Long-Awaited Apple TV Feature Seen on tvOS 14.5 beta

The hardware of the Apple TV itself has not exactly seen plenty of action in the previous years. The current 5th generation box, which was launched nearly four years ago, only brought the 4K 2160p support and not much else. A refresh has been long-overdue and might finally arrive very soon. A new feature spotted in the beta for tvOS 14.5 hints at this upgrade which would, in return, also stand as a main upgrade to the hardware as well.

Apple TV Feature Seen on tvOS 14.5 beta

Long-Awaited Apple TV Feature Seen on tvOS 14.5 beta because a lot of interesting new things are coming to this new tvOS 14.5 beta.

We happen to be in an era where a faster refresh rate is no something exclusive to gaming monitors. Some TVs being produced today, especially smartphones have now caught up with the trend of making things very great and smooth by supporting higher refresh rates. During it 14 years in existence, the Apple TV box has only supported only up to about 60Hz but it could appear different in the coming model this year.

Apple TV Upcoming Feature

9to5Mac stated in a report that tvOS 14.5 beta refers to 120Hz refresh rate multiple times, which one thing that no Apple TV has been able to carry out. It is not something that is limited by software only, either, as it required the needed hardware to make it happen. While whatever chip that makes the Apple TV run is most likely able to control the display at that speed, the HDMI interface between the Apple TV and TV isn’t.

This is mainly because the 2017 5th gen Apple TV only supports HDMI 2.0a, which maxes out at a 60Hz at minimum for the most 4K resolution. Support 4K 120Hz would need the HDMI 2.1, which could be a major hardware upgrade that the Apple TV of this year has to offer.

The higher refresh rate, which requires a TV or monitor that is capable of that as well, might make the Apple TV UI look a lot more fluid but its main benefits would be when gaming. Currently, Apple has been pushing its gaming assets, mostly through the Apple Arcade subscription service, and this new Apple TV might fall just the way Apple wants it into place in the grand scheme of things.

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