Logan Paul Net Worth – Logan Paul Income, Salary, Career, And Business

Logan Paul net worth – what is the net worth of Logan Paul? Have you got any idea? Well if you would love to know then you are in the right place.

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul Net Worth

The net worth of Logan Paul as of 2022 is roughly $19 million. Logan Paul s an American YouTube star, a producer, a vlogger, and an entrepreneur. The YouTube star rose to fame via the vine platform. And from there on he went on to become a very successful YouTube personality.

He has also launched his own fashion line meaning that by the time he gets to his late 20s, he will become a very relevant figure in every industry that he is involved in. with all that being said, let’s take a look at how the story of Logan Paul started and also where his success came from.

Early Life

Logan Paul was born on the first day of April 1995 in Westlake Ohio. He has a younger brother named Jake Paul. At the tender age of ten, Logan started making videos for a platform known as Zoosh at the time.

He also was heavily involved in sports in his high school and was one of Westlake High School’s best-performing football players. Asides from that, he also competed for his school in wrestling competitions in regards to sports. While in school, Logan has already put much work into his future success so much that his YouTube following at the time already had a decent number before he even graduated high school.

He decided to attend Ohio University but however dropped out in 2014 in order to pursue a career in social media. And after 3 years, we can all agree that his then decision paid off big time.

Career – Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul first reached and achieved fame on Vine before its actual shut down before he did on any other platform. In 2014, however, his popularity on the platform had given him more than 3 million combined social media followers.

In 2015, Logan was ranked as the 10th best influential person on Vine and he started earning a good amount in regards to revenue.

The smart move came when Logan started to refer people to his social media channels, and start promoting various content on his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube handles. The Vine platform however shut down, and if he hadn’t done this, he would have disappeared totally from the internet.

His content continued to reach millions of people on other platforms, and his YouTube vlogs provided opportunities to work with plenty of other stars; such as the likes of Dwayne Johnson. In 2018, Paul fought fellow YouTuber KSI in an Amateur boxing fight match. The match was streamed on YouTube’s pay-per-view platform. The rematch however took place in November 2019, where KSI won.

The fights brought in millions of dollars, and in the process diversified Logan Paul’s source of income. Aside from social media, Logan has also tried acting, with various appearances in multiple TV series, such as Stitchers, and Law & Order.


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