Loanosity Review – Is Loanisity The Right Lender For You?

In a world of emerging technologies in the economic mountain of influence, diverse financial institutions have been instituted, both private and public. This makes it available for humans to have different options when in need of financial assistance.

Loanosity Review
Loanosity Review

But, the question is on suitability. People are often left with confusion about which is the right lender to go to. In recent times, Loanosity can be said to have risen to a certain level of visibility in offering financial assistance.

In this article, we will carry out a Loanosity Review to assist you in making your final resolve, to decide whether they’re the right fit for your financial needs.


As we’ve established, there is a rise in financial institutions that are available to offer credit services to their clients. This therefore poses some level of difficulty for people to know the suitable institution to go for.

However, loanosity works towards simplifying the borrowing process for people who have credit card debts. They don’t just provide the solution but also help to help individuals gain financial freedom.

Loanosity – Who Are They?

Loanosity has been seen as a lending platform that has helped many individuals navigate the restless route of credit card debts, to resolve their financial issues according to their individual financial needs.

Though they are relatively new in the industry, yet, their affiliation with Cross River Bank has aided in offering their borrowers competitive terms and interest rates. Testimonies abound as to how many individuals have solved their credit card debts by the reason of the existence of Liability.

Loanisity was accredited on June 10, 2022, and has achieved an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). So far, there are no reviews or complaints logged on the BBB platform against Loanisity. Unfortunately, too, we were not able to locate a Trustpilot account associated with Loanisity.

Key Highlights

However, you might be wondering how we came about this review. Let’s delve into some specifications of Loanosity and what attracted our attention to put up this review.

#1. Affiliation with Cross River Banks:

Every loan that passes through loanosity is supported by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey-chartered commercial bank. This affiliation provides credibility to Loanosity.

#2. Fixed Interest Rate:

Fixed-rate provides stability and predictability to borrowers. With loanosity, there is nothing like fluctuation in interest rates. Their interest rate ranges from 20.77% APR to 23.62% APR.

#3. Loan Amounts and Terms

The beautiful thing about Loanosity is that you are given flexible loan terms of 24, 36 or 48 months, and their debt consolidation can range from $5,000 to $30,000.

#4. Eligibility Requirements

Their loan origination fees vary from 5.90% and 6.90%. However, it is worthy of note to be aware of the fact that not every applicant will qualify for the lowest interest rate.

#5. Approval Is Not Guaranteed

hat you applied for their loan does not guarantee your approval. While Loanosity must forward your details to potential lenders, yet, the approval of your application is subject to the lender’s assessment.

However, if the potential lenders after reviewing your information are satisfied with the result, they can determine whether or not to proceed with your application.

How Does Loanosity Work?

The most interesting thing about Loanisity is that it offers unsecured loans. This means that to access a personal loan on the platform, you don’t need to pledge any of your assets, such as your landed property, car, house, etc., as collateral.

Let’s elaborate on how the Loanisity lending process works.

  • Loan Application:

you cannot receive a loan from any lending institution until you have applied. So, the first step is to apply. Once your application is received, they will collect your financial institution, and your credit history and assess your eligibility.

  • Loan Agreement:

on approval of your loan, an agreement document containing the terms and conditions will be forwarded to you to be signed electronically.

  • Funds Disbursement:

once Loanisity receives approval and validation of your agreement form, your loan funds will be sent directly to your personal bank account within a couple of days.

The specific terms of your loan are dependent on your credit score, your loan amount and the purpose of your loan. However, there are certain conditions and limitations to a loan application with Loanisity. Most importantly, their loan offer is not available in all states.

How Do You Qualify For Loanisity Debt Consolidation?

To be eligible to apply for  Loanosity Review you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be of legal age in your state and also eligible to enter binding contracts.
  • You must have stable employment or sufficient income from other sources, or a job offer that would commence within the coming 90 days.
  • The balance between your monthly income and expenses, and your credit score, are factors Loanisity must find convincing enough to approve your application.

Regardless, that your loan has been approved does not guarantee your reception of the best interest rates. This transaction is one of trust. Hence, your credit records, loan duration and other variables will determine the rates and offer you will be given.

Loanisity BBB Ratings and Reviews.

As we have mentioned before, Loanisity has since June 10, 2022, received an accredited status with an A rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Up until now, we haven’t received any customer complaints or reviews on the BBB platform. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any TrustPilot account associated with Loanisity.

Is Loanisity The Right Lender For You?

Loanisity having received an A rating and accreditation by the Cross River Bank, one can say that undeniably, they are a good fit for any credit card debt. However, being relatively new in the industry, there are yet to be reviews from customers, which is quite understandable.

As a platform that offers debt consolidation loans to customers who are seeking financial assistance, one can say that they are authentic.

Nevertheless, we will advise that before you run to any lender for the loan. Try and do a background study and check different loan institutions, comparing terms, interest rates and fees.

You must choose according to your financial needs. Moreso, be involved in the loan process. Read and understand the terms and conditions of every loan agreement before proceeding.

We are not in the right position to tell you which is the right legal lender for you. Whether Loanisity or not. What we will advise is that you understudy all the available options for you, compare terms and make an outstanding decision according to your financial needs.


With diverse financial institutions vying for your attention and trust, choosing the right lender can be confusing.

Loanosity has emerged as a contender in the realm of financial assistance, and in this article, we’ve conducted a thorough review to help you make an informed decision on whether they are the right fit for your financial needs. Loanosity Review.



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