List of Popular Apps In USA: Most Popular Mobile Apps in America

“List Of Popular Apps in USA”. In the present time of the digital world majority of the USA Population uses smartphones and tablets which has propelled this article list of popular apps in the USA. Generally, the dramatic shift to mobile has made some apps very popular all over the globe. To gain popularity of a particular app, it must have a user that is interested in that particular app. Also with the number of multiples apps and app developers constantly need to diversify their distribution to grow their apps user base efficiently in other for your app to gain popularity and be ranked among the top.

List Of Popular Apps in USA

List Of Popular Apps in USA

The percentage of users allocated to an app will determine how popular the app is. Since the USA has a higher percentage of its population using android, smart, and iPhones has made some frequently used app gains popularity. It is for sure that all the apps cannot be popular, one has to be ranked most popular and others follow.

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Download USA Popular Apps

Are you eager to know and download apps that are popular in the USA? Then, you don’t have to worry anymore all you need to do is to go to your google search icon/App and type your desire app name, and download.

Popular Apps in USA

Now let have the list of apps that are popular in U SA.

  • Facebook: This is a social media networking site that makes it easy to communicate with family and friends online. It was developed by Zuckerberg at Harvard University.
  • WhatsApp: It is one of the popular and widely used chat applications that also supports notification between international phone networks. The good thing about it is that it has many chat features.
  • Twitter: This is a microblogging website that is also available in a mobile app version. This app works like a social new feed where you can follow other users, see the latest news, and update.
  • YouTube: This is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos.
  • Google Maps: Google map displays your current location, navigate location direction, search location, etc. Google maps can also be customized according to our requirements.
  • Gmail: This is a free email service. User can receive email and also send emails.
  • Instagram: This is a photo-sharing and social networking apps.
  • Google search: Google search is to hunt or search for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web server.
  • Facebook Messenger: Facebook messenger was issued as a stand-alone app for ios and Android operating system. It let you now have phone conversations and video calls.
  • Amazon mobile: Amazon mobile app enables you to shop from almost any mobile device purchase and access apps, games, music, and Kindle eBooks.
  • Google Play: This is a one-stop-shop for android apps, games, music, movie rentals, and purchases, and eBooks.
  • Snapchat: this allows users to chat with other users and send messages, photos, short videos, and more.
  • Netflix app: This is an online video streaming app that allows you to watch movies, videos, TV series, and other content from your device.

I cloud: this is a cloud storage application by apple that only works with ios-compatible smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It also gives a strong storage app like google drive and dropbox.

  • Pinterest: It is an image sharing and social networking app where you can share unique to promote your website and blogs to those who are interested in your content. Pinterest is recognized for quality image collection.

The above apps listed are the various apps among others that are popular in the USA.

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