LETU Online, Hybrid, and Graduate Degrees

What do you understand about the LETU Online, hybrid, and Graduate Degrees? Well, some of you my readers might have come across it. But for those who haven’t heard about it. I will be giving you all the full details. You need to know about it.

LETU Online Hybrid and Graduate Degrees

The LETU is a private institution that was founded in the year 1946. The university has 200 buildings for an institution of higher learning designed for returning World War II. It begins to offer classes based on The Christian Faith. In the year i961 after the bachelor’s degrees were offered. At the same time, old wooden barracks were transformed into modern dormitories. In 1989 the school gained university status.  The university has almost 3,000 students enrolled and the school continues teaching courses with a strong Christian focus.

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LETU Online, Hybrid, and Graduate Degrees

LETU online offers degree programs online. Its campus, and hybrid formats that are designed for every type of learner. All programs are based in the Christian Faith. The school views every workplace as a mission field. However, it prepares graduates not only for their interest in careers.  But also, to spreading the mission of the Christian values.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at the LETU. Is been designed to broaden knowledge of the criminal justice system. The program is to also prepares students for a profession. That is to grow the need for the people to have the right morals and ethics.

However, due to the program at the university that is been taught form a Christian perspective. Most employers do see the graduates of the university as important employees. With very high moral characters, students are able to focus on their study of criminal Justice Management, Human trafficking, or homeland security.

What is a Certificate Program?

A certificate program is a specialized non-degree series of courses. It is been serve for one to expand or create credentials, skills, and professional development. This is a format is often be made used for a career change. That is willing to enter a new professional area.

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However, students that are willing to have a test in order to know, if the area of the study is right for them or by working. A certificate program is often a shorter option in a particular. If your goal is to improve a specific skill set or to improve your credential for the workplace.

What is a Hybrid Program?

A hybrid graduate and certificate program offers you the opportunity.  To combine the best of online and on-campus learning experience together. This is a format that allows you to take the advantage of the convenience of learning online. It is benefiting from the practical hands-on learning from our on-campus classrooms. The merits of this option are little visits to campus. It is more flexibility to manage your priorities and the opportunity to meet in person to hone your skills.

LETU Online and On-Campus Programs

The following are the online and on-campus programs that are available. Given are the lists below:

  • Administration of criminal justice.
  • Biblical literature.
  • Biblical theology for the Christian life.
  • Constitutional Criminal procedure.
  • Corrections and Restorative Justice.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Criminology.
  • Justice and human rights.
  • Introduction to criminal justice.
  • Personal and professional ethics.
  • Police and the Community.

Here are the LETU online and On-Campus Programs.

How to Apply for LETU Online

The following are steps to apply for LETU online learning.

The following are the steps on how to apply for LETU online.

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