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If you are based in the United States of America, you sure would be familiar with the name, Kroger. This is one of the top places people go to for their everyday grocery shopping. Kroger, which can also be referred to as the Kroger Company. It is an American retail company based in the U.S. This company focuses on the sales of groceries. The Kroger supermarket has grown to the extent that they provide just about every item needed mostly by its customers and consumers. Coupled with their open-hearted hospitality, getting groceries from v is one shopping experience to never forget.



Kroger, this America’s grocer’s most urgent mission is to be readily available for their customers when they need groceries the most. The Kroger Company takes proactive steps to protect the health and safety of our associates, consumers, customers, and communities, including adjusted store operating hours, enhanced cleaning procedures, physical distancing precautions, and expanded associate benefits.

Another mission of Kroger is to;

  • End hunger in the communities.
  • Eliminate waste across all its companies’ locations by 2025

Kroger started up as a grocery store at Pearl Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. This startup happened in 1883 when Barney Kroger invested his life savings of US $372 into opening the store. He ran the business with a simple motto: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself”.

The Kroger Company serves only the United States and they run a format for every type of shopper and they are;

  • Multi-department stores,
  • Price-impact stores,
  • Marketplace stores,
  • Supermarkets, and
  • Fine jewelry stores.

The Kroger Company has grown over these years and has different stores in locations in the United States.

Kroger Stores

Currently, there are nearly two thousand, eight hundred (2 800) stores of Kroger in all thirty-five states and the District of Columbia with over four hundred and fifty (450 000) employees under twenty-four banners and annual sales of more than US $121.1 billion. With all these, Kroger ranks as one of the world’s largest retailers. It ranks as the fifth-largest retailer in the world and the fourth-largest American owned private employer in the United States.

Kroger Subsidiaries

Kroger also operates through subsidiaries. These subsidiaries

Kroger Grocery

There are several grocery items on the grocery list on Kroger. The groceries available in Kroger are all grouped into different categories of items that provide nearly the same functions or class of nutrients. The categories are;


  • Drink mixes & beverage enhancers.
  • Juice.
  • Sports & energy drinks.
  • Water.
  • Tea & kombucha.
  • Soda & pop.
  • Sparkling water.
  • Coffee.
  • Drink boxes & pouches.


  • Cereals.
  • Granola.
  • Breakfast & cereal bars.
  • Pancake, waffle & baking mixes.
  • Bread, bagel & muffins.
  • Donuts & pastries.
  • Frozen breakfast.
  • Dairy & refrigerated breakfast.
  • Bacon & breakfast sausage.
  • Juice & breakfast drinks.


  • Trail mix.
  • Nuts & seeds.
  • Raisins & dried fruit.
  • Beef jerky & dried meat.
  • Breakfast & cereal bars.
  • Plant-based snacks.
  • Pretzels.
  • Chips & puffs.
  • Popcorn.
  • Crackers.
  • Dips.
  • Rice cakes.
  • Snack cakes & pies.
  • Cookies.
  • Fruit snacks.
  • Applesauce & fruit cups.
  • Bulk candy & snacks.
  • Try some bold flavors.

Packaged Bread

  • Italian & French bread.
  • Buns & rolls.
  • White bread.
  • Wheat & grain bread.
  • Rye bread.
  • Pita, flatbread & wraps.
  • Pizza crust.
  • Tortillas & taco shells.

Baking & Cooking

  • Syrups.
  • Cooking wine & vinegar.
  • Cooking oils & sprays.
  • Baking nuts.
  • Pudding & gelatin.
  • Rising agents.
  • Frosting & decorations.
  • Sugar & sweeteners.
  • Pie crust & fillings.
  • Marshmallows.
  • Flours & meals.
  • Cornbread mix.
  • Cake & brownie mix.
  • Canned & dry milk.
  • Muffin & scone mix.
  • Baking mix.
  • Biscuit mix.
  • Extracts & flavorings.
  • Baking chocolate & morsels.

Pasta & Pasta Sauce

  • Pasta.
  • Parmesan cheese.
  • Pasta sauces.


This category contains foreign products. Some of the products grouped under this category are;

  • Kosher foods.
  • Italian foods.
  • Latin American & Mexican foods.
  • Indian foods.
  • Europeans foods.
  • Asian foods.

Grains, Beans & Rice

  • Couscous.
  • Quinoa.
  • Dried beans.
  • Lentils.
  • Rice.
  • Barley, faro & more grains.

Canned Foods

  • Canned soups.
  • Soups, broth & bouillon.
  • Canned pasta.
  • Canned chili.
  • Also, canned seafood.
  • Canned tomatoes.
  • Canned fruit.
  • Also, Canned meat.
  • Canned vegetables.
  • Canned beans.

Condiments & Sauces

  • Mustard & horseradish.
  • Olives & capers.
  • Pickles & relish.
  • Cocktail sauce.
  • Gravy.
  • Salsa.
  • Barbeque & steak sauce.
  • Tartar sauce.
  • Marinades.
  • Cheese sauce.
  • Hot sauce.
  • Ketchup.
  • Lemon & lime juice.
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Salad dressings.
  • Salad toppings.

Packaged Meals & Sides

  • Macaroni & cheese.
  • Pasta & noodle dishes.
  • Instant potatoes.
  • Stuffing mixes.
  • Packaged meals.

Spreads, Jelly & Honey

  • Honey.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Nut & seed butters.
  • Jellies & jams.

Spices & Seasonings

  • Herbs & spices.
  • Rubs & seasoning mixes.
  • Salt & salt alternatives.
  • Pepper and pepper blends.
  • Bread crumbs.
  • Coating mix and batters.

Kroger Pharmacy

The Kroger Company operates about two thousand, two hundred (2 200) retail Pharmacies in 37 states that are dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives. These pharmacies under Kroger works with a motto of taking care of you with personalized health and wellness services. Pharmacists in the pharmacies provide more than just prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and more than just medication expertise. They provide advice and support and are dedicated to helping you stay healthy and happy with a full range of Convenience Tools, Saving Programs & Personalized Health Services.

Convenience Tools

The convenience tools are ways created on Kroger to make delivery and prescription of your drugs easy. Some of the tools of convenience are;

  • My Prescription: you can enroll to conveniently manage your medicine in ways like auto refilling them from Kroger, paying online for your drugs, and receiving notifications when your drugs are ready and/ or available for pick up.
  • Enroll in Sync Up: you can sync up your pick up of multiple medications on the same day.
  • 90 Day Supply: you can get a 90-day supply of many prescription medications, often at a discount compared to monthly refills.

Saving Programs

Saving programs are there to help customers save up on purchases, prescriptions, and payment for drugs and services. The programs include;

  • Kroger Rx Savings Club: you can save up to 85% on thousands of prescriptions both generic and name brand hundreds of prescriptions are free $3 or $6.
  • Medicare Part D Plans: you could save with co-pays as low as $0 because Kroger pharmacy is one of the most preferred plans.
  • Fuel Points: you can earn fuel points with every qualifying prescription filled.

Personalized Health Services

Under the personalized health services, you can get health care services at a more convenient time and also care peculiar to you. The pharmacy pays attention to your health usually cares for you with what works best for you.

  • Vaccinations: The Kroger pharmacy offers a complete line of vaccinations including flu, shingles, meningitis, hepatitis, and more.
  • Patient Clinical Services: The pharmacy is ready to help you monitor your cholesterol and blood pressure. Plus they also provide diabetes screening and monitoring.
  • Wellness Your Way Connect: you can enroll with the Kroger pharmacy and receive savings, personalized advice, and dietitian’s pick recipes based on your health condition.


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