Kimono Cats Scampers onto Apple Arcade

Kimono Cats scampers onto Apple Arcade. They are cats and they are wearing kimonos and it’s so adorable.

Kimono Cats Scampers onto Apple Arcade

Kimono Cats Scampers onto Apple Arcade

Kimono Cats which is a mini-game that is filled with adventure on Friday found its way to Apple Arcade. This means that if you subscribe to Apple Arcade, you can now play this game for free without any ads or in-app purchases.

And as you should know, Kimono Cats was developed by HumaNature Studios, an independent studio that is best known for Doki-Doki Universe and Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove.

In the game Kimono Cats, you get to walk through a Japanese festival known as matsuri. And along the way you get to try to keep your company happy simply by giving them treats, piggyback rides, and winning prizes from any of the game stalls along the route. Also, you can give your companion poisoned or even burnt treats which like any cat or person they won’t like or accept.

Kimono Cats Gameplay

The core Kimono Cats as you should know revolves around playing a couple of different mini-games that are modeled after festival games such as catching fish with a net, hitting targets with a ball, and a Whac-A-Mole-type thing that is played with masks instead of the traditional moles. You can make use of the coins and prizes you win from these games to acquire decorations for your home village that your character hopes will get to impress their companion.

The mini-games if you know anything about them at all are fun, the animation is cute, but most importantly however, you and your companion are cats in kimono uniforms. And if that does not sell you on it, nothing will.

Apple Arcade Add New Games and Updates to Its Platform Very Week

Apple Arcade reportedly adds new games and updates every single week. And if you are interested in trying out Apple Arcade, you can get a three-month free trial when you purchase a new device, or even up to one free month if you are signing up on the platform for the first time. All you have to do is to open the App Store and tap on the joystick icon located at the bottom of the screen in order to launch the service.


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