Kids Best Podcasts: The Best Kids Podcasts of 2022

Wants your kids to have an interest in podcasts then you have to get the kids the best podcasts for them. This is the golden age of podcasts, and the selection for kids has never been better. The best podcasts for kids will spark imaginations, teach new ideas, or make kids laugh so hard they snort apple juice out of their nostrils.

Sometimes, a podcast like Wow in the World will accomplish all three. These podcasts are perfect for car trips, dinnertime, or just chillaxing. Some can help at bedtime as well and set the mood for when you crack open one of the best children’s books to read your kid to sleep.

There are so many great podcasts on this list you can listen to a new one every day. When the weekend rolls around, you could have a movie night, and watch one of the best family movies to watch together. The family that streams together stays together.

Kids Best Podcasts

The Best Children’s Podcasts

Kids’ best podcasts are now available just as every adult in the podcasting space. True crimes, humor, new, fiction. So, there are a variety of podcast flavors for kids with different interests. There are podcasts for kids who are curious about how things work. Plus kids who like to cook, kids who like to listen to stories, and kids who love music.

If you’d like to introduce your kids to podcasts this article you will find a list of some of my favorites. These podcasts are all appropriate for any age. Plus, your child’s personality, temperament, and attention span will also be factors in which shows they enjoy.

But in general, this list will be most appealing for kids ages 12 and younger. And in many cases; they might be podcasts the entire family enjoys listening to together.

Best Podcasts for Kids 2022 to Buy Right NOW 

Here are the items to consider for your children as gifts this holiday:


This is a science podcast for kids that is hosted and produced by a science journalist. However, teachers about random science topics that kids will be interested in. Such as the physics of basketball, the rise of the dinosaurs, and the DNA of dogs.


Mystery Recipe

This is one great podcast from America’s Test Kitchen Kids. However, it features different ingredients each week all building up to and in preparation for the season finale. Which will feature a mystery recipe “cook-along” for listeners. You can get more details here.


Best of GoNoodle

Get the family and get ready to clap it out with your favorite GoNoodle songs. Once you get it, your kids will have lots to learn from it.


Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents

This series offers a contrarian yet effective approach to help kids and teen push through their fear. It also helps kids out via their worries, and phobias to become more resilient.


123, ABC for Kids

This will teach your infant how to count and spell by song. However, it features Elmo, Dora the explorer, Caspar’s baby pants, and more.


Little Hedgehog Goes to School:

A Sweet, Funny Picture Book About Imagination and Friendship


How To Start A YouTube Channel – The Easy Way: With Charlie & Friends


Story Pirates

This is a very nice podcast for the kid as it supplies kid ideas and the characters, and then they polished. However, the tales tend to be read by comics, but some of the book’s celebrity guests are truly memorable.


Brains On!

This a show that each week finds a different expert it addresses the widely esoteric sense of curiosity that kids possess. Hurry and get it for more understanding.


What If World

Written by Eric James O’Keefe turns kids’ questions into wacky scenarios in the “what-if the world”. However, it is nice and amazing, so it is best to be ready.



Is listening to podcasts good for kids?

Yes, listening to podcasts create for kids & families is a nice way to boost learning. However, it increases their social and emotional learning and more.

What is the number 1 most listened-to podcast?

Globally, the most popular podcast for the third-year running is The Joe Rogan Experience. Call Her Daddy, from host Alex Cooper, takes the spot for a second-most popular podcast.

How many hours should a 13-year-old play?

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests time allotted should be under 30 to 60 minutes per day on school days and 2 hours or less on non-school days.

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