JumiaPay & Why should I consider Using It

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JumiaPay, formerly known as JumiaOne, is an all-in-one internet platform (strictly a mobile app) that enables users to do a variety of financial activities, including flight/hotel booking, online shopping, restaurant ordering, and mobile phone airtime recharging.

Jumia claims to have developed the Pay platform to accommodate consumers’ daily demands and online payments. The company also wants to consolidate all online services under one roof and make them more convenient, safe, and accessible to all users.

Why Should I Consider Using JumiaPay

Here are a few upsides to encourage you to use JumiaPay:

All In One

Jumia-Pay allows you access to a variety of online services, including those that let you pay bills, shop online, book hotels and flights, and purchase a variety of real estate, including houses and cars.

Spend and earn

Jumia Pay allows you to receive commissions, discounts, or cashback on purchases. For each friend or contact you refer to the app, you can also get paid.

24/7 Accessibility

JumiaPay is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days a year. The same is true for any transactions or services you would want to buy on their platform, which has no opening or closing hours.

No extra charges on bills and utilities

Paying for services like utilities and others may incur fees, especially if you use certain banking platforms. However, you might not be subject to those additional/extra fees while paying invoices with JumiaPay.


Ultimately, JumiaPay allows you to conduct “everything” from the comfort of your home, saving you from the stress, line-ups, and additional costs associated with performing some of the errands that JumiaPay handles for you.

JumiaPay Registration Process

JumiaPay registration is quick and simple. If you already have a Jumia account (i.e., a customer account on their online store, jumia.com.ng), all you need to do is visit the Google Play or App Store, download the app, and then use your Jumia account login information to access JumiaPay.

If you have a Facebook or Gmail account, you can use that to log in as a new user. Choosing to enter your information and establish a new ID and password to start is also an option.

If you have a Jumia account but are having trouble logging in, double-check that you have the correct ID and password typed. If necessary, you can reset using the “forgot password” option.


  • From the Jumia home page, jumia.com.ng, access the login page.
  • The “Forgot your password?” button should be clicked.
  • Type in your email address on the field there and continue.
  • If you need to change your password or recover your account, Jumia will send you an email to reset it.

Payment Means On JumiaPay

Bank Transfer

The bank transfer payment option might be your best choice if you don’t have a functional debit card or you are being cautious with your card information. It might also offer the highest level of protection.

Here’s how to make a payment using a bank transfer on JumiaPay

  1. Select what you want to buy and then use the JumiaPay app to pay.
  2. Select “Bank Transfer” as your preferred payment method choice.
  3. Click on continue
  4. A bank account will be generated for you to transfer the money to.
  5. Transfer the exact amount of whatever you’re purchasing, nothing more or less.
  6. Click confirm payment.
  7. Done.

Debit Card

You can make purchases with your bank-issued debit card (Mastercard, Visa, or Verve) alternatively but safely with Jumia Pay.

Here’s how you use your debit card to make a JumiaPay payment.

  1. Go to the checkout page from there and choose the debit payment option.
  2. Enter your card information, including the three-digit CVV number on the back of your debit card. Your card number, and the date it expires.
  3. Enter the OTP that was issued to your registered phone by the bank that issued your credit card.
  4. Check and finish your order.

JumiaPay Ussd Code

Worthy to note that, JumiaPay does not currently have a USSD code for performing any of their transactions, if you need to use JumiaPay Services, you will have to get their mobile app.

JumiaPay For Businesses

Jumia additionally provides a Pay platform or initiative for associate companies. The JumiaPay Business web app caters to partners who are service providers from JumiaProd, As well as people or companies that are vendors or sellers on their well-known online marketplace.

Vendors can link their Jumia seller or vendor accounts with JumiaPay Business to be eligible for payment on sales proceeds and/or earnings from the Jumia vendor’s account.

JumiaPay Customer Support

Jumia Pay provides customer assistance for any problems you might be experiencing or other questions; contact them by email at cs.one.ng@jumia.com or by phone at 23412772366.

You can also reach out to them through their online live chat option or by visiting any of their nearby pickup or branch offices.

Popular Alternatives To JumiaPay

  • Kongapay: Kongapay is a local competitor platform that provides a variety of payment options, much like JumiaPay.
  • Jiji: an online marketplace for classified ads that offers a straightforward, hassle-free way to purchase and sell practically anything


Concluding this article, JumiaPay is a wonderful means to meet your day-to-day transactions and online purchases with ease.

If you have been searching for a hassle-free alternative to perform online transactions, pay bills, or shop then JumiaPay pay will definitely be worth checking out.

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