Jobs that you can do While Studying in Spain for International Students

Jobs that you can do While Studying in Spain for international students. So many people have dreams of studying in foreign countries like Spain, but let us face the fact, that it is really expensive to go through that route. To help you get out of your fears, I have prepared a list of jobs that you can do while studying in  Spain.  Keep reading to get this rare information.

Job Opportunities in Spain

Jobs that you can do While Studying in Spain for International Students

In Spain, it is possible to work while still doing your studies. You are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week to earn a substantial income to assist your education. You can only work in Spain while you study for as long as your student visa has not expired. If you have passed the requirements for studying in Spain, then you should worry less about how to fund your studies while in Spain. There also exist some international scholarships you can take advantage of during your studies.

How to Study and Work in Spain

Due to the high cost of living in Spain, you may be able to get a job while studying in Spain. Below are four options for getting a job on a student visa in Spain.

  • Take advantage of the work permit given to students to work 20 hours a week.
  • Obtain an internship contract with your university in Spain and receive a salary for the time you worked there.
  • Find a job as a highly-skilled worker. It is also a good option for those who have just finished their studies in Spain.
  • Get a regular job on a student visa

There are many job opportunities for international students, some of which are listed below.

Jobs in Spain for International Students

For those who asked, ‘what types of jobs are available to international students in Spain?’ Good examples of these papers are given below;

  • Work as a nanny
  • Accounting
  • Cash
  • Driver
  • Coach
  • Part-time teaching jobs
  • Written
  • Social Media Administrator
  • Security staff
  • Support an expert

These jobs are good part-time jobs that you can do in popular places like Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Job Opportunities in Spain

Lastly, what if you are not a student? Finding a decent job in Spain can be difficult because you will be competing with Spanish high school graduates. Still, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of finding a job in Spain.

First of all, vacancies are usually available in larger cities, so you can direct your search to this area if you want to get a job easily. Another useful tip is complete command of the Spanish language. Third, it relates to jobs in the service sector, as it dominates the Spanish labor sector. These sectors are;

  • cars
  • chemical products
  • food and drink
  • Medical equipment
  • metals and metal making
  • pharmaceutical products
  • maritime building
  • textiles and clothing
  • sightseeing.

If you find this information very useful, Always check this website for more information on study and work opportunities in Spain and other countries.


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