Japanese Dating Site – 5 Best Japanese Online Dating Websites

The space of online dating is becoming a very lucrative business and all those hopping on it can testify to this. Many people actually think that regions of the world do not have online dating platforms, but this is not true. In this post, Japanese dating site, I will be making a list of the top dating Japanese sites.

Japanese Dating Site

Japanese Dating Site

Many online dating sites and apps like match.com don’t have equivalents of it in places like Japan or not even the ones that people can actually make reference to in public. This means that online dating sites are not that common in Japan and it is not something that people look at with dignity.

But with the rise in social media platforms like Facebook people are not too shy in meeting up with new people online. And with that being said, below are some of the top dating sites and platforms in Japan.


The organization behind a site known as 81 recently declared that its total number of users has surpassed 10,000; this is just two months after its release. My-Qpit allows clients to look for accomplices by age, occupation, and even by leisure activities. By loving each other’s profiles, two individuals can begin messaging on the application.

After going back and forth twice, they can then look at one another’s genuine Facebook profiles. The site is well known with young ladies, and is allowed for free use – yet for men, it requires a month-to-month subscription of 2,500 yen.


By checking out your Facebook social chart, MatchAlarm suggests a renewed individual for you each day at 8 am. Assuming people observe each other to be appealing; they can begin talking inside the application.

Numerous web-based matchmaking administrations expect clients to do the looking, however, MatchAlarm removes the problem by accomplishing the work for clients. Clients can actually look at one another’s profile temporarily, just until the day’s end (for 16 hours). It takes three coins (one coin is generally $1) to tap on the ‘I may like you’ button.

The platforms and website is backed up by CyberAgent ventures.


The word ‘Omiai’ alludes to a Japanese custom where people are acquainted with one another as potential marriage material. As per Omiai-jp.com’s Facebook application page, it is the greatest web-based dating administration in Japan to use the Facebook informal community. You can look for your ideal accomplice utilizing 24 rules, including age, ethnicity, pay, character, and then some.

Similarly, as with different locales, clients can conceal their Facebook personality until they feel good to the point of imparting it to the next individual. Omiai is free for ladies to utilize, and for men, it costs 1,980 yen each month. Omiai is additionally accessible as an application on iOS and Android.


This one is additionally for people who are not kidding about observing a marriage accomplice. Be that as it may, Frigg adopts a fairly detached strategy. In the wake of addressing north of 100 inquiries regarding character, way of life, side interest, and so on, the site suggests a match one time each day.

The site additionally permits clients to pick non-debatable criteria, like no abundance betting or drinking. Rather than navigating profile photographs, the set number of suggestions makes people additional careful when prior to saying OK or no. Men can utilize premium help beginning from 980 yen each month.


Pairs is an internet dating webpage with more than 150,000 individuals. With 950,000 Facebook likes, the webpage is exceptionally forceful in its web-based advertising. According to the posts on its Facebook page, they seem to target men more than ladies.

All personalities are shown by initials just, and nothing will be posted on individuals’ Facebook pages. You can set your inclinations for your accomplice, and navigate the choices shown.


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