7 Items That Are Almost Always Cheaper at Costco – Costco Deals for Savvy Shoppers

Costco is famous for its rock-bottom prices and unbeatable deals on bulk items. But the warehouse giant’s purchasing power also allows it to offer major discounts on all sorts of products beyond just giant sizes. Smart shoppers know certain individual items are consistently cheaper at Costco than anywhere else.

Items That Are Almost Always Cheaper at Costco

Key Takeaways

  • Organic maple syrup can cost under half the price per ounce at Costco
  • Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chickens are a steal compared to $12+ elsewhere
  • You’ll pay just 25 cents per ounce for Nutella hazelnut spread at Costco
  • Gas prices at Costco are typically the lowest in town
  • Costco beats grocery stores on pricing for pantry staples like mac and cheese
  • The famous Costco food court hot dog and soda combo is still just $1.50
  • Discounted gift cards can save you money on future purchases

If you’re strategic about what you buy at Costco, your membership can literally pay for itself through savings. Let’s dive into seven must-buy items where the Costco discount is practically unbeatable.

1. Organic Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is one of the pricier items on grocery store shelves due to the costly production process. It takes 40 gallons of maple sap to produce just one gallon of finished syrup!

That’s why it’s such a brilliant buy at Costco, where the 33.8 ounce jug of organic Kirkland Signature maple syrup is just $14.99. At 44 cents per ounce, that’s less than half the price of many leading brands sold elsewhere:

  • Walmart: $28.46 for 32 oz of NOW brand (89 cents per oz)
  • Amazon: $19.99 for 32 oz of Butternut Mountain Farm (62 cents per oz)

As long-time Costco member Sarah Williams explained, “I always grab a couple jugs of Costco maple syrup when I’m stocking up. It’s such high quality for an unbeatable price!”

2. Rotisserie Chicken

When you need to get dinner on the table fast, Costco’s legendary rotisserie chickens are a steal at just $4.99 each. For a pre-cooked, seasoned whole chicken, you simply can’t beat that price.

To put it in perspective, at Boston Market a rotisserie chicken will cost you around $12 – more than double Costco’s cost! Other rotisserie chicken spots like Grocery Outlet are closer to $8 or $9.

The Costco chickens are not only budget-friendly but delicious and versatile. You can enjoy them as a simple main dish with some sides, use the meat for meal-prepped lunches, or make chicken salad or soup with the leftovers.

3. Nutella

For Nutella lovers, a trip to Costco is a must! The giant 33.5 ounce double-pack of this irresistible chocolate hazelnut spread is just $16.99 at the warehouse club.

That means you’re paying just 25 cents per ounce at Costco, compared to:

  • Amazon: $13.58 for 26.5 oz (51 cents per oz)
  • Target: $7.79 for 13 oz (60 cents per oz)

Nutella is a premium product that tends to be expensive. But Costco’s bulk sizing and buying power allow it to sell this beloved Italian treat for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

As Costco member Julia R. shared, “My kids go through Nutella so quickly! I always stock up on the two-pack at Costco to have it on hand for cheap.”

4. Gas

Need to fill up your tank? Then you’ll want to make a pit stop at the Costco gas station, which consistently has some of the lowest fuel prices in town. You can easily save 10-20 cents per gallon compared to other nearby gas stations.

For example, let’s say gas is:

  • Costco: $3.39 per gallon
  • Other stations: $3.59 per gallon

If you have a 15-gallon tank, that’s a $3 savings just on one fill-up! And if you have a Costco Executive membership, you’ll get 4% cash back on your Costco gas purchases too.

5. Macaroni and Cheese

Feeding a hungry family doesn’t have to break the bank when you stock up on pantry staples at Costco. A classic example is macaroni and cheese – a kid-friendly favorite.

At my local Costco, you can buy the 8-pack of 7.25 oz Kraft mac and cheese boxes for just $8.49. That’s only $1.06 per box!

Contrast that with purchasing those same 7.25 oz boxes individually at other stores:

  • Walmart: $1.31 per box
  • Kroger: $1.25 per box

So Costco undercuts major grocery chains by around 15-20% on this shelf-stable, family-pleasing meal option. For a household treating mac and cheese as a weekly staple, those Costco savings really add up.

6. Hot Dog Combo Meal

Is there anything more iconic than the Costco food court and its $1.50 hot dog and soda combo? This meal deal is the stuff of legends, as Costco has stubbornly kept it at $1.50 since introducing it way back in 1985.

If that price had increased with inflation over the past 38 years, it would cost over $4.50 today! But Costco has willfully taken a loss by locking in the $1.50 price as a discount for its members.

While the meal may not be the healthiest, it’s awfully hard to complain about scoring a hot dog and a 20 oz soda for just $1.50. It’s the perfect affordable pick-me-up snack during a Costco shopping run.

7. Gift Cards

Here’s a brilliant Costco hack for savvy shoppers – purchase discounted gift cards to your favorite retailers and restaurants at Costco, then use them later to save even more.

Costco is one of the only major retailers that sells gift cards for less than face value. You can routinely find deals like:

  • $100 Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards for $79.99
  • 2 x $50 Olive Garden gift cards for $79.99
  • $100 ARCO gas gift cards for $92.99

It’s an easy way to get more bang for your buck on purchases you’ll be making anyway. Just stock up at Costco, then use the gift cards in the future to save 10-20% on dining out, gas fill-ups, and more.

Conclusion: Saving Big at Costco

From maple syrup and Nutella to discounted restaurant gift cards, there are so many items that are consistently cheaper to purchase at Costco’s warehouses. By being strategic about what you buy, you can easily reap the rewards of a Costco membership well beyond the instant savings on bulk sizes.

Of course, these seven categories are just a start. I’d encourage readers to share their own personal Costco bargain finds and shopping hacks in the comments! Working together, we can all maximize those precious Costco discounts.

What’s been your biggest Costco money-saving win so far? I’m always looking for new deals to capitalize on during my next shopping trip!

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