Is Monday.Com Free: Price Plans For Monday.Com | How Much Monday.Com Cost

Have you ever wondered if is free and accessible to people? or you wish to join but don’t have little or meager Income? Actually, you’ve come to the right place, this is the main purpose and essence of this article.

Is Monday.Com Free is one of the plenty Management tools that can give great value for your money. It can surely help your organization save a few bucks and allocate more of the budget to the cause. Now, you’ve have got the basic understanding of what is, ranging from task management, empowering agents and team members to make important decisions.

Is Free?

You must realize that isn’t free, that is there is no free plan, endeavouring to enjoy it to the maximum will cost you paying $79 a month for up to ten people using the standard plan.

However, you must realize that has a free version, it’s a free trial only available for 14 days, which allows trial only for pro plans, accessibility is only available for 2 week’s, but when your free plan expires, you’re advised to upgrade to a subscription as you may desire.

Price Plans For Monday.Com

Realizing good things always come with high price tags is essential, is one of the project management tools that gives great value for money, and moreover, the pricing plans and tags as given below the vendor are ideal for all businesses of various sizes.

These pricing plans cover non-profits NGOs and educational institutions. Follow ardently as I list the plans below:

  • The first plan is the basic plan, this way companies in need of organizing their projects and have a platform through which their team members can collaborate will highly benefit. It starts with $49 per month for 5 users and can cost up to $999 per month for 200 users.

Also, It includes unlimited free viewers,5GB storage capacity,1 dashboard, love mired columns,@mention capability, simple search function, kanban view, files views, form views, and 2-factor verification. It can be accessed on your IOS or Android devices.

  • It also includes the standard plan, it starts at $59 per my month for 5 users to $1,999 for a month for 200 users. Know also, it comes with the support of full API, including 250 automation and integration actions giving you the freedom to configure and program the platform to your current needs.

More on Price Plans For Monday.Com

It consists of unlimited free viewers,50 GB storage capacity,3 dashboards, unlimited activity log, limited columns, limited guests,@mention capability, advanced filter search, shareable boards, timeline feature(Gantt Chart), kanban view, files views, form view, calendar view, a Map view, full factor authentication, and Fill API.

  • The pro plan which starts at $99 per month for 5 users and costs you $1,999 per month for 200 users, supports unlimited guests for external collaboration as well as more extensive integrations for more flexibility.

It consists of unlimited free viewers, unlimited storage capacity,10 Dashboards,25,009 automation and integrations, unlimited activity log, full access to columns, unlimited guests,@mention capability, advanced filter search, shareable boards, private boards, timeline feature (Gantt chart), kanban view, files view, forms view, calendar view, Map View, Chart view, tag feature, formula columns,time-Tracking, Two-factor authentication, and Full API.

  • The last one is the Enterprise plan or package, it comes with free one-on-one with’s PM software specialist. It also offers SSO options, an HIPAA compliance Program, Audit log, and so on.

However, it  is only available by-quote, it includes:

Unlimited Free Viewers, Unlimited Storage Capacity,25 Dashboards,1,000 Automations and Integrations, unlimited Activity Log, Full Access to Columns, Unlimited Guests,@Mention Capability, Advanced Filter Search, shareable Boards, Private Boards, Timeline Feature (Gantt Chart), Kanban View, files Views, form View, Calendar View, Map View, Chart View, Custom Tag Feature, Formula Column, Time-Tracking, Two-Factor Authentication, Google Authentication, HIPAA Compliance Program, Audit Log, Single Sign-on options, advanced security features, and Full API.

Now, you must realize that the price plans are programmed in such a way that it’s commensurate with your income.

How Much Monday.Com Cost

Knowing how much cost isn’t hard, the platform is currently available From $49 per month to $1,999 per month depending on your team size and required project management features, any of the packages may however he upgraded, downgraded, it canceled at any given time, so their accessibility to the functionalities you may need as soon as possible.

Moreover, the vendor offers an 18% discount if you choose to have your subscription booked instead of monthly.

Haven explained in detail, now that you know that isn’t free, choose a suitable plan that is commensurate to your income and make yourself available of its accrued benefits.

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