Is Amazon Buying Electronic Arts or Not?

Is Amazon Buying Electronic Arts or Not? Acquisition of major corporate occurs every time, so when news recently broke that Amazon was on the verge of purchasing game makers’ electronic arts, it was not a surprise. However, contradictory reports soon sprung up, and nobody knew if the studio responsible for the sims, battlefield, and FIFA would be under new management or not.

Is Amazon Buying Electronic Arts or Not?

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Is Amazon Buying Electronic Arts or Not?

It is an age-old tale, which is a small indie studio that makes a genuinely good game that turns into a big success, and a large company turns up, and purchases that studio. One recent, somewhat surprising, the acquisition was Sony’s $3.6 billion purchase of Bungie. For those that do not remember, Bungie’s breakthrough title, Halo: Combat Evolved, was one of the games that made the original Xbox stand out in a console market where Sony is dominating.

Bungie was an indie studio at the same time, but it was quickly bought out by Microsoft. Then it led to the numerous Halo sequels and spinoffs, alongside newer franchises like destiny. Now we are in a position where we could see a new Halo game become a PlayStation exclusive.

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What Amazon Could Get from Purchasing EA

Electronic Arts are one of the gaming World’s giants. Ever since the platform was founded in 1983, the company has gone on to release some of the biggest and most successful games in history. The battlefield series, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Army of Two, Dragon Age, and Apex Legends are among some of the action games in EA’s Library.

Then there are the sports games which include the FIFA Series, NBA Live, Madden, and plenty of others. Also, they are responsible for the sims, which was created to be involved in guiding virtual characters towards a better life but usually just doubles as gaming premier murder simulator.

Also, it was one of the companies that pioneered some of gaming’s less popular practices that are now, pretty standard in the industry. This also includes making use of microtransactions, subscription-based services, and pushing multiple DLC packs of various qualities. These practices tend to cause tons of visible upset in the gaming community but may also have made EA’s current shareholders quite happy. The community has also reported annual steady revenue growth.

On top of that, EA is not just EA. Just as it could get purchases, over the years, EA has acquired tons of smaller gaming companies also. Its notable acquisition includes Dice, which made the battlefield series, Respawn which made Titan Fall, and RPG Maker BioWare which is famous for making Baldur gate, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. At the moment, EA is currently operating 40 studios all over the world.

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Is Amazon Purchasing the Gaming Giant?

Is Amazon is set to purchase one of the big guys in the gaming league? Well, the answer is not yet certain. The rumor first got to mainstream news when a company, Good Luck Have Fun (GHLF), sent out the story. GHLF does not publish news on its website; instead, it offers gaming coverage to other outlets. One of them includes the USA Today’s Gaming page, for the win (FTW), which is where the story first went public. The story quickly gains traction with several other outlets and the online community as a whole. There was only one major problem. The story is not yet verified.

FTW soon worked on the article saying that the claim have been refuted, and an editor’s note at the top of the piece claims that GHLF originally ran a story that “Violated its editorial standards,” and the piece had used several “unnamed and unvetted sources.”

The original article was dropped and replaced with an article that claims that the takeover has been “rumored.” The new piece referenced outlets like CNBC, which claimed to have spoken to its very own sources and reach the conclusion that an amazon takeover of EA was not on the horizon.

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