iPad Air and Ninth Generation iPad Early Black Friday Deals

Adding an iPad to your tech collection can be excellent, but it can also be a costly addition. Our advice for making it worthwhile? Explore all Black Friday iPad deals.

iPad Air and Ninth Generation iPad Early Black Friday Deals
iPad Air and Ninth Generation iPad Early Black Friday Deals

If you think Apple seldom offers sales, especially during Black Friday, it’s true if you exclusively buy from their website. However, checking stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Target reveals regular discounts on the entire product line, including iPads, with some of the best deals emerging around Black Friday.

iPad Air and Ninth Generation iPad Available at Their Prime Lows in Early Black Friday Deals

We mention around Black Friday because, despite the official shopping holiday being on Nov. 24 this year, all the mentioned retailers are currently offering early deals. While the absolute best deals might still emerge on the actual day, there are already numerous impressive markdowns, especially if you aim to steer clear of the chaos on the actual day.

Check out all our favorite iPad deals below:

Top Black Friday iPad offer

If you seek the iPad model with the “sweet spot,” according to Mashable’s Stan Schroeder, it’s the iPad Air. Equipped with an M1 chip, it smoothly handles tasks like gaming and audio editing without the hefty $800-plus price tag of an iPad Pro with the same chip. Although the base model has slightly less storage, the 256GB Air is currently discounted by $99 — still making it $150 more affordable than the 128GB iPad Pro. In essence, If you desire something more advanced than the standard iPad without breaking the bank, the Air provides the perfect middle ground. Priced at $499.99, it has returned to its lowest-ever price — the same price we observed throughout the entire Prime Day period.

Best Black Friday budget iPad deal

Honestly, the $249 price tag isn’t exclusive to Black Friday. This tablet has reached this all-time low price several times this year, including during last month’s Prime Day sale, but it has also been priced higher at $279 and above. We don’t suggest this tablet for more demanding tasks, but if you need a basic tablet that gets the job done, you’ll save at least $150 compared to any other iPad. Take advantage of the sale at Amazon and Walmart.

More iPad Deals

iPad (10th gen)

  • 2022 iPad (WiFi, 64GB) — $399 $449 at Amazon (save $50)

iPad (9th gen)

  • 2021 iPad (WiFi, 64GB) — $249 $329 at Walmart (save $80)
  • 2021 iPad (WiFi, 256GB) — $399 $479 at Walmart (save $80)

iPad Air

  • iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB) — $499.99 $599 at Amazon (save $99.01)
  • iPad Air (WiFi, 256GB) — $649.99 $749 at Amazon (save $99.01)
  • iPad Air (WiFi + cellular, 64GB) — $649.99 $749 at Amazon (save $99.01)
  • iPad Air (WiFi + cellular, 256GB) — $799.99 $899 at Amazon (save $99.01)

iPad mini

  • Refurbished iPad mini (WiFi, 64GB) — $322.99 $379.99 (save $57)

iPad Pro

  • 2022 12.6-inch iPad Pro (M2, WiFi, 128GB) — $999 $1,099 at Amazon (save $100)

iPad Accessories

  • Apple Pencil (second generation) — $89 $129 at Amazon (save $40)
  • Logitech Folio Touch (iPad Air) — $121.99 $159.99 at Amazon (save $38)
  • Apple Magic Keyboard for 10th generation iPad — $169 $249 (save $80)
  • Apple Magic Keyboard for 11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air — $199.99 $299 at Amazon (save $99.01)

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