Investing in Africa 13 Program 2023 for African e-health Startups – APPLY NOW!

In recent years, Africa has been a hub for startups, especially in the e-health sector. However, to support the growth of e-health startups in Africa, the Investing in Africa 13 Program 2023 is providing a grant of $USD 50,000.

Investing in Africa 13 Program 2023
Investing in Africa 13 Program 2023

Furthermore, the grant is aimed at supporting e-health startups that are working on innovative solutions to improve healthcare delivery in Africa.

Investing in Africa 13 Program 2023

The Investing in Africa 13 Program is designed for African businesses to create a solution to a health product distribution challenge in Africa.

However, the 2023 cohort is open for applications and will offer up to a $50,000 grant. Which includes access to leading donors, industry, and key players who will support introductions to customers. So, the program will select up to 30 companies this year.

The funding aims to assist the companies in developing and implementing their solutions, scaling their businesses, and improving the level of fitness in Africa.

Benefits of Participating in the Program

Participating in the Investing in Africa 13 Program 2023 has several benefits for e-health startups. These benefits include:


A grant of $USD 50,000 is provided by the program to support e-health startups in Africa. Furthermore, startups can utilize this funding to develop and implement solutions, scale their businesses, and enhance the quality of healthcare delivery in Africa.


Moreover, choosing to take will receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors. This mentorship can help startups to refine their solutions, improve their business strategies, and accelerate their growth.


Selected startups will have the opportunity to network with other startups, investors, and industry experts. This networking can help startups to form partnerships, raise additional funding, and gain exposure to new markets.


Participating startups will gain visibility and recognition for their solutions. This visibility can help startups to attract additional funding, customers, and partners.

How to Apply for the Grant

Applying for the Investing in Africa 13 Program 2023 only takes a few minutes;

Eligibility Criteria for e-Health Startups

To be eligible for the grant, e-health startups must meet the following criteria:

  • Startups must be at the seed or early stage of development, with a working prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) that has been tested and validated.
  • Startups must be working on innovative solutions that improve fitness delivery in Africa. However, it has not to be lean.
  • Improve access to fitness
  • Improve the quality of fitness
  • Reduce the cost of fitness
  • Improve the efficiency of unsoundness delivery
  • Improve fitness outcomes

Legal Entity

  • In African countries, startups need to be a register
  • The majority of the startup’s ownership and management must be African.
  • Startups must have a sustainable financial plan and must demonstrate that they have the capacity to manage funds



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