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Invest in Africa Summit is a platform to connect foreign companies with competent authorities and businesses from Africa, facilitate SMEs and startups to find an alternative financing solution that local banks do offer, discuss investment opportunities for the Africa Diaspora make visible the investment and trade opportunities in different African countries and facilitate foreign direct investment into Africa.

The Summit is also to create an awareness, of the natural resources that Africa contains, hence, it is determined through the summit to urge foreign and home companies to see the need to make Africa its major focus of exploitation. Hence, at the cause, if the summit, there is going to be a mass display of what Africa is made of.

Invest in Africa Summit

Invest in Africa summit is an event which is focused on highlighting African investment opportunities while creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs’ government delegations and business leaders to meet with investors. It will provide a unique platform to gain strategic knowledge about African investment opportunities and business networking.

Invest in Africa Summit is not just an event that brings people together, but also it is structured to make sure that African countries are making a good investment with the use of their resources. The organizer of the event is of the opinion that, African countries only need foreign companies who have an interest in improving Africa and who are business-minded. Hence, care is set to take its time in educating all participants who want to engage in mineral exploration with adequate knowledge.

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Invest in Africa Summit Objectives

Attending the invest in Africa summit will not be a wrong step to take for someone who wants the benefit of their country. Hence, the program is set to give its audience a full package of what they are expected and some of these are

  • To promote Direct investment trade between Africa and Europe
  • Facilitate SMEs and startups’ alternative financing.
  • Ensure that countries make the best out of their resources.
  • To connect foreign companies with competent authorities and businesses from Africa.
  • Facilitate Direct investment in Africa.

These are what the summit is structured to render to all its audience.

Invest in Africa Summit Feature Agenda items

The program is featured at projects showcase, capacity-building workshops, exhibitions, sector-focused sessions, country presentations, matchmaking sessions and evening networking sessions. There are activities that will be carried out at the summit.

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Invest in Africa Summit Registration

Are you planning on attending the summit? The, first, thing to consider is to register for the summit as a participant. Over 50 speakers will provide detailed insight into the economic transformation, that many parts of Africa are currently experiencing.

How to Register for Invest in Africa Summit

Have you tried registering for the Africa summit before and it proves difficult? then, you should follow the steps below, to make an easy registration

  • Visit the event website at
  • Click on the “register” button.
  • Tap on “purchase your ticket”.
  • Select the type of ticket you want.
  • Enter your “full name”. click on “ok”.
  • Type in your “email” and enter the “ok” button below.
  • Enter your address and enter “ok”.
  • Fill the form with your “zip code”.

Click on the “ok” button and follow all other instructions on the site to complete the process on the website.

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When is Invest in Africa Summit?

The Invest in Africa summit is set to happen from July 1st to July 2nd 2022 at Royal Tropical institute Amsterdam Netherlands. Some of the highlights that would be expected are promoting and facilitating international trade between Africa and Europe, North America and Asia, Facilitate for foreign direct investment into Africa. Etc.



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